Saturday, February 16, 2013

Anime Blog 9-Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee

If that name wasn't long enough for you! Just as a WARNING! This is considered Shonen-ai (not sure why) but for those who haven't read my previous posts this means boyXboy (put simply)

Extra Info: Wiki Page

Alright so I liked the idea of this anime, the Student Council chases down bad guys! But even though the manga that it's based on was shonen-ai...there was (I believe) one kiss scene in the whole was only 2 episodes but hey...
The show was hilarious but I must wasn't my favorite art...But ultimately I did enjoy the show :D

(L: Kubota, R: Tokito)
Alright time for pros and cons!

  • Hilarous
  • Interesting Idea for a storyline
  • Shonen-ai--ish (always a pro...although its a hard choice here)
  • Not my favorite art
  • Wannabe Shonen-ai
  • HIGHLY Confusing because it was only 2 eps and just throws you into the storyline
Well pros and cons tied again...but this one was a close call...because it's a wanna be shonen-ai...oh well. If you're interested in the it...if not...don't!

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