Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Anime Blog 13-Black Cat

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Just wanna point out Black Cat being number 13 is pretty ironic :D

I loved Black Cat. I thought it was hilarious that the main character's name was Train makes me laugh. I also loved Saya's character and (*SPOILER!*) I was super sad when she died...I almost cried. I loved the song she sang still gets stuck in my head (Link below). I also have a little crush on Sven...he makes me think of Kisuke Urahara from Bleach (who I have a huge crush on!). I love almost the entire cast in this anime actually...and just to throw out there; Charden is hot without the top hat and glasses! And I love that Kyoko has such a huge crush on really is adorable!

Konoyo no Uta:

I also really like the art and the storyline with an organization of assasins! All sorts of crazy people in this anime!!!

(From Left to Right: Train, Sven, Eve, and Rinslet)

Pros and cons!


  • Pretty art
  • Hot guys
  • Evil organization of Assassins!
  • Awesome storyline

  • The only acceptable con ever: ANNOYING main bad guy!
 Well there you have it! I hope everyone watches it!

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