Sunday, August 30, 2015

Anime Blog 80: K-ON!!

K-ON! is a 2 season 36 episode Seinen series with 2 special episodes, 2 OVAs, a movie, and 2 series of shorts. (it's longer than I recall it was just so good it didn't seem that long I guess!)

So. A group of girls: Yui, Mio, Ritsu, and Mugi, re-start a music club at their high school (there used to be one in the past but it hadn't had members so it basically didn't exist anymore). They name their band, Afternoon Tea Time. Yui is on guitar, Mio is on bass, Ritsu is on drums, and Mugi is on the keyboard. Their advisor Sawa-chan-sensei was a member of the music club when she was at the school...of course then it was a lot different...(if you've seen it, you know what I mean...)

The next year, the girls have to get at least 1 new member to stay a club. Azusa joins :D (or Azu-nyan according to Yui) and she plays guitar as well. The show is just so doggone cute and the music is adorable! It's a good, graduating and passing on the club, story :D

So, ART!
L-R: Mugi, Azusa, Mio, Yui, and Ritsu

K-ON! also has one of my favorite openings!

Pros and Cons!

  • Cute cast
  • Cute music
  • Slice-of-Life
  • Sawa-chan-sensei
  • Cute story
  • ...cons...cons...nope, not ringing a bell ^_^
So there you have it! Thanks for reading! Until next time,


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Anime Blog 79: Kodomo no Jikan

Ok. So Kodomo no Jikan is a 15 episode Seinen anime with 4 OVAs that I watched subbed. It's also a loli...just as a warning :D

So. Aoki is a fresh-out-of-college elementary school teacher put in charge of a 3rd grade class. Rin, a 3rd grader, is in love with him and constantly tries anything and everything to get his attentions. This includes lifting up her skirts, making inappropriate comments, awkwardly falling from trees and landing on his face...etc.

Also, Rin's best friend is in love with her so there are some shojo-ai aspects as well.

So I know this is weird but by the end of the series I was actually rooting for this couple =_=

There is a censored version (which I watched) and an uncensored version of the anime. Yeah, have fun with that :D

So, as per usual, art!
Aoki and Rin

It's just so wrong that it's almost right...

SO, pros and cons!

  • Do you see that art!? friggin adorable!
  • Rin is just so cute!
  • I actually love Aoki's character
  • Does loli go here???
  • Telling you, by the end I was convinced!
  • BTW show is friggin hilarious!
  • Does loli go here?
  • What about fanservice? Does that go here or up there???
Yeah. So all-in-all not a bad thing :D

Thanks for reading! Until next time!


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Anime Blog 78: Kirepapa

Yaoi Wiki


Alrighty, Kirepapa is a 2 episode Yaoi OVA that I watched subbed on YouTube!

The story goes: Chisato has a son named Riju. He thinks that all of Riju's friends are out to molest him (Riju) so he has fun chasing them all off. One of Riju's friends, Shunsuke, doesn't fall for it and sticks around.

Well, it turns out that Riju has a boyfriend named Kakeru who is an actor in a TV drama based on Chisato's favorite author's series. Turns out, Shunsuke is actually that author. And all those friends who wanted to rape Riju (supposedly)...NOPE! They were after Chisato the whole time because he doesn't look a day over 18.

Chisato and Shunsuke begin their relationship just to find out that Shunsuke's father was Chisato's sempai in school...lots of emotions running rampant there...


I've mentioned before my database notes. For Kirepapa it says: "Irony. This is an example of it." I really need to make better notes :D

So, art!
Chisato and Shunsuke

So. pros and cons.

  • Yaoi, as always
  • IRONY!
  • ART
  • Cute story
  • Riju is so adorable :D
  • Did I mention the Irony?
  • I was going to say: "NEED MORE" but then I remembered that it ended on a pretty decent note...huh...
So there you have it! Thanks for reading! Until next time,


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Anime Blog 77: Kimi Ni Todoke

Kimi Ni Todoke is a 37 episode anime with a season 2 special episode and a Live Action Movie.

To start off I want to say that I read the first chapter of the manga when it released in Shojo Beat! when I was in high school and loved the idea. Then when it became an anime I fangirl screamed...

So the story goes that Sawako unfortunately looks like Sadako (the scary/creepy chick from The Ring) and so everyone thinks she's weird and avoids her except for her 2 friends: Ayane and Chizuru, Shota Kazehaya; a boy who she gave directions to on his first day of school, and Ryu Sanada (friends with Kazehaya and Chizuru).

It's a little obvious where the crushes lie but I think it's just so doggone cute! And realistic.
I don't know, maybe I just like slice-of-life way too much but I really liked how the storyline progresses and I even felt like the anime had a good ending :D

Now for the Japanese live action adaptation. I thought it was great! They picked really good actors (easy to do when everyone looks Japanese :P ) and I felt it was a good adaptation of the story. Definitely one of the best live actions I've seen :D

So, art!
Back Row: Ayane, Chizuru,& Ryu
Front Row: Kazehaya &Sawako
Live Action:
Left to Right: Sawako, Kazehaya, Chizuru, Ayane, Ryu, & Kurumi

So pros and cons.

  • Slice-of-life
  • Realistic
  • Adorable
  • Love the characters
  • Happy ending
  • There's always that one annoying character...
Well that's all for now! Thanks for reading! Until next time,


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Anime Blog 76: Ki*Me*Ra

Ok, so Ki*Me*Ra is a 1 episode Yaoi OVA (HERE'S THAT WARNING!) That I watched subbed.

I know I've mentioned before that I keep a database for my anime and that I make notes about each one. Well this was my note for Ki*Me*Ra: Well. Vampires, Hermaphrodites, and Androgyny…what more can a girl want? Very confusing.

So this guy named Osamu comes into contact with this androgynous vampire named Kimera. There are 2 other vampires in the show, one who wants to kill Kimera and one who wants to mate with him (her?) to produce babies since their race is dying.

Basically Osamu falls in love with Kimera (who BTW apparently is male but you get of shot of him(?) naked and it's completely like a Ken doll...) and refuses to kill him.

That's basically it. The story doesn't explain any more that it has to and it doesn't really lead to anything in the end. I feel like it's one of those "now go read the manga" things like Fish in the Trap (see anime blog 42).

So art:
Kimera and Osamu

So Pros and Cons:

  • Yaoi (?????)
  • Confusion of story
  • Androgyny
Yeah...that's kinda it.

So thanks for reading! Until next time!