Saturday, February 9, 2013

Anime Blog 2-After School in the Teacher's Lounge

After School in the Teacher's Lounge:

Welcome back to my blog everyone! So as a quick warning, the anime I'll be blogging about today is considered a yaoi (for those who don't put it simply). I get all my demographics off of what the manga is considered even if the anime is toned down...thought I should explain that.

More info: AnimeNewsNetwork Page

Alright so to talk about After School in the Teacher's Lounge. I must say when I first heard the title, I actually thought things were gonna be going on in the teacher's It's simply about 2 teachers and their secret relationship. Now for the most part...I was confused during the whole story. It could be that 2 episodes just couldn't do the show justice...or that it wasn't explained properly....who knows!?

I feel I should point out that since this anime was made in 1994 (according to AnimeNewsNetwork) the art isn't normally what I'd watch but it makes me think of Sailor Moon in a way...LOL
 (From L to R: Kazama and Kawase)
So now for the pros and cons of this anime!

  • Interesting storyline (from what I could understand)
  • Not bad art
  • ...It's yaoi...that's always a pro
  • Cute ending (Oh...btw endings are also very important for me)
  • Only 2 episodes so not much was explained
  • It was hard to understand because there just wasn't enough time to explore the storyline well

HaHa! The pros once again outweigh the cons (at least for me). It was enjoyable even if I didn't understand everything!

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