Monday, September 23, 2013

Anime Blog 31: Devil May Cry: The Animated Series

Alright I'm going to start out by saying that I LOVE the Devil May Cry game series. I've beaten 1-3 and I'm working on 4 now...slow going because the 360 belongs to my little brother and he's back home while I'm up at the DMC4 for me (which let me throw out there...Nero is played by Johnny Yong Bosch...teehee!) Ok enough ranting there.

So the animated series is 12 episodes long and there is a plot but sometimes it doesn't seem like there is one: and I'm totally fine with that because I LOVE Dante! I love that the anime makes him obsessed with strawberry's just hilarious! He's still the same wise-cracking bada** from the games but now he has a weakness: those sundaes man...and pizza...that's all he eats.

Also Lady and Trish are back! And they both cause lots of trouble for Dante that includes (but isn't limited to) stealing his pay and sticking him with shopping bills. There's also that little girl Patty and I'm not sure how I feel about her...she's kinda cute...and she picks on Dante...yeah.

So the art is really nice (not as awesome as the games except in style) and I like that the anime follows Dante in his everyday life...which for him is like hell on Earth most of the time...but hey, a guy's gotta make a living right? Plus Ebony, Ivory, and Rebellion are involved!


I tried to find one with him, Lady, and Trish in it but I didn't like the one I found!

So time for pros and cons!

  • Based on Devil May Cry
  • Dante
  • Didn't have a bad story
  • Dante
  • Brought Lady and Trish back
  • Did I mention Dante?
  • ...cons...hmm...cons?
So because I actually can't think of any...Pros win! (even if I didn't repeat Dante 3 times!)

Thanks for reading, until next time,


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anime Blog 30: Descendants of Darkness

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Hello once more! I am still alive I promise!

So today's anime is a 13 episode Shojo called Descendants of Darkness. This is actually one I watched recently (and mostly because it has Shonen-ai themes) :)

Ok so quick summary there's this organization that investigates suspicious deaths (by hands of vampires and such...) and Tsuzuki works for them but has no partner. He is partnered up with this new kid named Hisoka. The two originally don't get along but with the help of Uber-evil Dr. Muraki (not the good kind of help) the partners begin to get along and understand each other. After that a lot of Fit hits the Shan (if you know what I mean XD ) and lots of deep dark secrets emerge not only about Hisoka and Muraki's previous "relationship" but things about why Tsuzuki hasn't had a partner in so long and the like.

So I really enjoyed watching this (I saw it Dubbed in case anyone wants to know). I really liked the art and the show itself (except for some of the creepy flashbacks...and Muraki...I don't like Muraki) but even though the show was really confusing I still liked it (especially the Tarot card arc, that was awesome!) And this is really random but Watari (the blonde guy) is played by Eric Stuart who plays James and Brock in Pokémon :p

Now there were some hinted shonen-ai scenes (and some more Yaoi-ish scenes but not in a good way) in the show but the show doesn't really focus on that too much and it doesn't have enough to be counted as shonen-ai by demographic (though I wonder about some shows and their tags...)


(L to R: Gushoshin, Muraki, Hisoka, Tsuzuki, Tatsumi, Watari, The other Gushoshin)
But now time for Pros and Cons!

  • Shonen-ai-esque
  • Good art
  • Neat story idea
  • Creepy Dr. Muraki
  • Really confusing story
Pros seem to outweigh the cons again today! I hope those of you who are interested will give Descendants of Darkness a chance!

Till next time and thanks for reading!