Thursday, February 14, 2013

Anime Blog 7-Another Lady Innocent

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I'm going to warn you now...this is a Hentai anime (simply put...anime porn). You have been warned!

Ok so to start out...I read the description of this somewhere and the story line sounded wonderful. It was about a girl comming home from boarding school to see her brother and friend/maid. There was a plot by her neighbor to make her his wife and that was where the conflict was arising from. This sounds like typical historical romance to me and I LOVE historical romance. Plus I saw a picture of the main character, Faye, and the art is GORGEOUS! So I discovered the show was only 1 episode I watched it...NOT WHAT I EXPECTED AT ALL!!!!!!!!! Lo and behold it was Hentai...oh well.
Plus the 1 episode doesn't even really touch on the whole, "neighbor making her his wife" thing...just on the relationship between Faye's "brother" John and her maid Sophia, the relationship between all three of them (yes that means EXACTLY what you think it means) and the secret relationshp between Faye and Sophia themselves...basically...lots and lots of sex.

(Would you believe this was like the only non-pervy picture I could find of Faye???)

(I could easily find one of John)

(And of Sophia)
But anyways the art is what drew me's just so pretty!

Time for Pros and cons!

  • Beautiful Art
  • Good storyline (although it wasn't explored)
  • Only 1 episode cannot possibly explain much
  • ...Hentai...
So the pros and cons are equal again...simply because every other con I could think of was covered by my advice...don't watch unless you like hentai.

Thanks for reading!
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