Thursday, October 27, 2016

Anime Blog 112: Otona ni Natte mo

Otona ni Natte Mo is a 2 episode animanga.

Each episode follows a different couple. The first episode follows a mangeka named Saikawa and an editor named Misono. And the second episode follows Atsushi and Kyou whose parents got married making them "siblings" but once they're adults.

Each story is cute on it's own but it really is just manga panels with voice-overs so there isn't too much I can say.


Misono and Saikawa

Kyou and Atsushi

I can't even really do pros and cons this go round...cause this show wasn't very memorable for me and I can't really get myself to re-watch it... gomenasai :(

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Anime Blog 111: Okane ga Nai


Ok. Okane ga Nai is a 4 episode yaoi anime that also has 4 specials.

The story follows Ayase whose cousin sells him to a man named Kanou. Kanou bought Ayase because 4 years earlier, Ayase actually helped Kanou when he was down on his luck and this made Kanou love him. Ayase wants to pay Kanou back but it's a ridiculous amount of money and Ayase has each time he and Kanou have sex, Kanou pays him 500,000 yen.

The show is actually kind of cute with Ayase being confused about whether he loves Kanou or not...etc. However, every time I think of this show all I think about it that creepy face that Kanou makes with the rapey hands and the fact that the man's bed is bigger than a California King...just saying!

OMG. Don't forget to watch the specials! They're adorable! So much of Ayase being cute and naive and trying to stick up for cute!


Kanou and Ayase

Pros and Cons:


  • always
  • Short and sweet
  • Ayase is just too cute
  • Rapey creepy...
  • I'm not sure if it's the size difference or the fact that one of my friends still thinks Ayase looks 8...but there's something there...
Enjoy! It's a cute show!

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Anime Blog 110: Nyoron Churuya-san

Ok Nyoron Churuya-san is a 13 episode ONA spin-off of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (I'll make this a link later after my TMOHS blog).

The story follows MOHS character Tsuruya except now she is a chibi character named Churuya who is OBSESSED  with smoked cheese...and I mean that...

So the other characters make Churuya do different things with smoked cheese being her reward.

It's super cute and the episodes are less than 5 minutes long. But honestly...there's not much to it :D


L-R: Tsuruya, Kyon, Yuki, Mikuru, Izumi, Haruhi, and Churuya in the middle

I'd do pros and cons but really the only thing is that it's a cute spin-off show about smoked cheese. XD

I'll add links here to the other MOHS spin-offs here later!

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Anime Blog 109: A Dark Rabbit has 7 Lives

A Dark Rabbit has 7 Lives is a 12 episode Shonen anime with 1 OVA.

The story follows Taito Kurogane, a normal high school guy who's trying to deal with his childhood friend Haruka's feelings for him and other normal high school drama. What he doesn't realize is that the school he goes to isn't normal. It's owned by the military and the student council president, Gekkou, can do magic and Andou Mirai, who everyone thinks is just a weird student, is actually Gekkou's demon familiar. Taito ends up saving Mirai from getting hit by a bus and dies...but doesn't...

After he discovers he's immortal he remembers a vampire named Himea who he made a contract with in childhood. Turns out his memories were sealed away by Gekkou's twin brother Hinata! The secret is that if Taito dies 7 times in 15 minutes, he stays dead. But if the deaths are spaced out, he's practically immortal! More shock and awe and tons of drama insue as Gekkou, Mirai, Taito, Himea, and others team up to save the world? (that's never really clear)

I really enjoyed the show. My only issue is that it really needed a second season because absolutely nothing was clarified. It feels like they left off in the middle of the show. OMG Rave Master ending! But otherwise, it was really much drama! And the OVA was friggin adorable! Body must watch!

BTW I totally ship TaitoXHimea and GekkouXMirai...just FYI!

There's just so much in this show that never gets explained!!! Argh :(

But I digress...ART!

L-R: Himea, Taito, Gekkou, and Mirai

Pros and Cons:


  • Interesting Characters
  • Deep plot
  • Pretty art
  • Unfinished :(
Well...that's a big con but I'm still glad I watched it!

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