Friday, January 31, 2014

Anime Blog 36: Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is a 13 episode Seinen anime that I watched Subbed and it has 1 OVA.

So let me start out by saying that Elfen Lied was one of the first animes I ever watched. A friend of mine showed me episode 1 on YouTube and I was hooked...I mean a naked girl killed a whole bunch of people with a PEN!? AWESOME! So I watched it and I really liked it.

OH...also copious amounts of nudity...there's your warning.

I have to warn y'all's uber violent. I still don't like to watch the puppy scene...that's just disturbing...but she gets revenge for it, don't worry :)
So basically the story follows a new type of human (a Diclonius) named Lucy. She has telekinesis-like powers and horns. The story follows her escape from an experimental lab to where she loses her consciousness and becomes Nyu...which is all she can say. More Diclonii are introduced later in the story to capture/kill Lucy/Nyu and end up joining the household she has with Kouta and Nozomi.

The ending is a cliffhanger...just so y'all know. But it's good :)

The OVA is about how NANA (another Diclonius) just isn't good at cleaning things...she may only feed the dog...she doesn't mess that up :) It's cute

So art:
(Lucy as Nyu)
So one of the most famous pictures from this anime is Lucy's eye:
It's haunting right?
Well there's also a beautiful song with this anime called Lillium. It's in the opening so I'll just post that.
The video uses beautiful imagery along with art parodies (read the wiki if you're interested).
So time for pros and cons!
  • First episode has hot naked chick killing people with a PEN!
  • Really fascinating story
  • Hilarious seeing Lucy become Nyu
  • this case not way over the top
  • Really violent (some people may not like that and it even got to me sometimes)
  • Confusing backstory
  • (I guess if you don't like nudity then that'd be one but as I said above it wasn't over the top)
So that's all for this one! I hope those of you who are interested watch it!
Thanks for reading!
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Anime Blog 35: Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two

Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two is a Shonen anime in two 12 episode parts (Ef: A Tale of Memories and Ef: A Tale of Melodies) that I watched Subbed.

So let me start out by saying that I absolutely ADORE this anime! And I'm not 100% sure's soooooo sad :( But at the same time, so beautiful! And the great part is that EVERYONE in both stories is connected in some way, shape, or form (whether through people, school, neighborhoods, etc)

So the show follows a number of different couples, some in Japan and some in Australia. The main couple's story  (Yu and Yuuko) is split between the two parts and they're trying to meet once more even though (SPOILER!?) Yuuko is a ghost.

I really loved the story of Renji and Chihiro. Because Chihiro can only remember 13 hours at a time because of an accident when she was younger and so every time they're together it's like meeting for the first time for her. It's so sweet...and so depressing.

I also love the story of Yu and Yuuko because it's really shown as flashbacks and it's so sad. He tried to save her. (I'm trying not to spoil things...why is that so hard!?).

And also the story of Shuichi and Mizuki...It's one of those younger girl falls for older guy stories...except with a sad twist...and the song that he plays on his violin is BEAUTIFUL! (here...I found it on YouTube)


So I should probably give you pictures of the couples so you can recognize the characters in the videos if you haven't seen the anime :D
(Yuuko and Yu)
(Miyako and Hiro)
(Kei and Kyosuke)
 (Renji and Chihiro)
(Mizuki and Shuichi)
Ha ha! Found them all! Amazingly, good pictures of KeiXKyosuke and MizukiXShuichi were hard to find! But whatever. So there's going to be lots of stuff on this blog because I also love the imagery of the openings.
Ef: A Tale of Memories:
Ef: A Tale of Melodies:
 So for pros and cons.

  • Beautiful art
  • Beautiful music
  • Depressingly beautiful storyline
  • Great characters
  • Sad
That's it, I can't think of anything else that's bad about this anime.

Well, thanks for reading!
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Anime Blog 34: Boku no Sexual Harassment

Ok so I know I said that I would never watch this as long as I lived...because of the corn thing, but in a fit of boredom one night on AarinFantasy I watched it (subbed of course)...and it wasn't as bad as I expected.

Boku no Sexual Harassment is a 3 episode yaoi  series that consists of a newbie at a computer firm, Mochizuki as he performs sexual favors so he and his boss/lover, Honma, can rise in the company hierarchy.

So I felt really bad for Mochizuki, who claims to be straight by the way, and the way Honma used him in the was really wrong. I mean he was whoring out his boyfriend to other people so that the two of them could rise in the company...I almost wanted the other employee, Fujita to win in the end....(oops Spoiler?). Well anyways...I don't have much to say about this particular anime except that the guy in OVA 2 who got raped with the corn...he deserved it big time.

(Front to Back: Mochizuki, Honma, Fujita)
Pros and Cons:
  • Short
  • Yaoi (as always)
  • OVA 2 guy got what he deserved
  • Kinda creepy honestly
  • Wrong on a number of levels
  • Corn...that is all
I personally won't be watching this again but I can say that I watched it...
Thanks for reading!
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