Sunday, October 25, 2015

Anime Blog 86: Level C

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Level C is a 1 episode Yaoi OVA.

The story is simple: Salary-man Kazuomi shacks up with High School-age model Mizuki. There you go. Whole story in one simple sentence. The sad thing is there really isn't much more to say about this show...that really is all there was to it. On the fun side however, this show is unique in the fact that the penis' are invisible...yes. Invisible...hahahahahaha! This was my greatest source of enjoyment for this show...made me laugh so friggin hard!

So to quote myself once again from my anime list: YOU JUST MET THE GUY! WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HIM!? NOTHING! THAT'S WHAT! Otherwise…invisible penis…lol.

That's how I felt about the show right after watching it. So there really isn't more to say on that subject.

But, art!
Mizuki and Kazuomi

Time for pros and cons:

  • Yaoi, as always
  • Does invisible penis go here???
  • SERIOUS lack of plot
  • Sadly not memorable for anything other than the invisi-penis...
...that's about it for Level C. If you're a die-hard Yaoi fan, watch it. If not...just watch the clip with the invisi-penis; it's the only good part.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Anime Blog 85: Lesson XX

Lesson XX is a 1 episode yaoi OVA (HERE'S THE WARNING!)

Lesson XX wasn't the most interesting of yaois to watch but it was ok from what I remember. Kind of like a typical 2 best friends falling in love story. The two characters, Shizuka and Sakura, are sorting out their feelings for one another...and that's basically the whole storyline.

I've mentioned my anime list before and just to throw out there, my comment on Lesson XX was " But for real...who has a communal sized shower in their house? Nobody, that's who..."
After reading the wiki page I discovered they were at a boarding school...which somehow I didn't pick up when I was watching the show...

So it's from 1995 so the art

Shizuka and Sakura

Pros and Cons:

  • Yaoi
  • Kind of cute
  • Pretty much no story
That's about it, well thanks for reading! Until next time,


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Anime Blog 84: Legend of the Blue Wolves

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Alright, Legend of the Blue Wolves (AKA: Hot Space Cowboys) is a 1 episode Yaoi OVA (HERE'S YOUR YAOI WARNING!)

So...humans living in space, fighting aliens bit. Jonathan, a soldier, is passed around the base as a sextoy (from what I recall) and ends up sleeping with this really fat guy...ugh that was disturbing...
I can't remember exactly how he falls in love Leonard but he does and the two have a relationship which ends in them being sent to separate places due to the alien war. I'll just say now that the show doesn't end happily and makes me feel even worse for Jonathan than I already did...

Now this show is on the level of Sensitive Pornograph in that it is graphic and is not censored. Just wish that hadn't wasted that on the nasty dude...just saying.

This is another one of those shows that I watched just because I was on a kick in 2012 to watch every Yaoi anime out there (I've almost succeeded BTW). This isn't something I think I'll ever watch again...IMO.

So. Art:

Leonard and Jonathan

Now for pros and cons:

  •  Yaoi, as always
  • ...Space Yaoi???
  • That nasty dude
  • Crappy ending
  • seriously...I really dislike the ending
So, That's it for this one. Next up is a long string of Yaoi anime (because for some reason they all fall alphabetically...???) Thanks for reading! Until next time,


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Anime Blog 83: Kono Danshi, Sekika ne Nayandemasu

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Alright, Kono Danshi, Sekika ne Nayandemasu is a 1 episode yaoi OVA that I watched subbed.

Another show in the "Kono Danshi" series, this one follows high schooler Tamari who had to repeat the school year due to a weird illness he has that makes parts of him turn into crystal when he gets really emotional. This makes it hard for him to interact with his classmates. However, his homeroom teacher, Onihara, has a fascination with geology & loves crystals so Tamari talks with him about his illness.

It's a really cute story and I like the way it progresses. It's my second-fave in the "Kono Danshi" series (the first of course being the Boy who fell in love with the Merman) :)

Also, the VA who plays Onihara (Daisuke Hiragawa) is the VA who plays Rei in Free!, Rei in Love Stage!!, & Irie Naoki in Itazura na Kiss!

So, as usual, art! Which is still swirly & kinda pointy :)

Tamari & Onihara

Pros and Cons:

  • Cute Story
  • Interesting idea
  • Yaoi (as always)
  • I just wish there was more! :)
  • And by Yaoi we all know I mean Shonen-ai...if 1 kiss counts :)
Thanks for reading, Until Next Time,