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Anime Blog 11-Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

So yeah I'm going to put them both in the same post because one is a sequel of the other :D

Alright so I'll start with Avatar: The Last Airbender:

Extra Info: Wiki Page

I love this show so much! Let me just point out how awesome it is: my daddy isn't really into anime or into any good cartoons (excepting things like Family Guy, The Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead, the list goes on) and he LOVES this show. He finds it fascinating and was addicted from the first episode he saw...which I think was the one with the fortune teller lady...but I could be wrong :D

I love the idea of benders of different nations, I love the idea that the fire nation is taking over the world and that one 12 year old boy is going to save the world! OH and I love Zuko...but only after he grows hair...before that he creeped me out. I really like the art, I love the story, I even loved the little chibi OVAs! However...I did not like the live action movie. I loved the effects, I could get over the actors, they weren't bad...but the mispronunciation really turned me off. And I would've liked it if instead of doing the motions then the element following, they'd stuck to the show and had the element moving with the motions. But whatever.


(From L to R: Sokka, Aang (with Momo), Katara, with Appa in the back)
Time again for pros and cons!


  • Awesome story
  • Great cast
  • Zuko (teehee!)
  • Good art
  • Even my Daddy likes it!

  • There are cons to this show?????
So that's it for the original, lets move on to Legend of Korra

More Info: Wiki Page

So I'm still not sure how I feel about Legend of Korra. I miss the old cast of characters and I'm sad that everyone, except Katara (who looks exactly like her gran-gran lemme point out), is dead. And you don't even get to find out how they died! Oh and that whole thing about "what happened to Zuko's mom?" "oh well that's an interesting story, what happened was..." [Enter Interruption Here] AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I wanna know so bad!

I like Korra...ish...sometimes she gets on my nerves. I like Mako for the most part...and Bolin's just funny but I must say I don't really like Asami  and sadly Zuko's grandson isn't as hot as I'd hoped he'd be :( Even if he is played by Dante Basco...

I don't know...maybe's its just me but I feel like all the events that happened in the original suddenly seem so wasted when you get to Korra...because someone else is trying to take over the world!

So...LOK finally finished...I'm very happy about Varek and Zhu Li, very happy. And the whole ending wasn't really bad. And yes, I know that Korra and Asami are really good friends but that whole ending scene kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Just saying. But anyways, I'm glad it's over because the whole Kuvira thing was getting way out of hand.

But at least we also get to meet Zuko (who is extremely old!) and Toph (who is also extremely old & crotchety). And watch fight scenes that involve them. (just to spoil it for you, Toph is stronger unlike poor Zuko who has kinda lost his touch a bit...only a bit though)

but anyways ART!

(L to R: Asami, Bolin (with Pako on his shoulder), Korra, Mako, Tenzin)
Time for pros and cons:


  • Set in the same Avatar world
  • Interesting that Korra knew 3 out of 4 as a child
  • Interesting cast
  • Still good art
  • Varek & Zhu Li :D

  • Pretty much everyone's dead
  • [There's no Zuko--ok so there was in season 3. So I'll remove this one ]
  • I call BS on Season 2...
  • ...and seasons 3 & 4...
  • No real closure on questions STILL unanswered

Thanks for reading!
Until next time,


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