Sunday, May 24, 2015

Anime Blog 67: Itazura na Kiss

As a warning, this blog is gonna be kinda long.

Alright, Itazura na Kiss (INK) is a 25 episode anime with 4 different Live Action Drama series that I watched subbed and that I own the anime of.

The basic story is F class Kotoko has a crush on A class Naoki. She gives him a love letter, he rejects it. Due to circumstances her family moves in with him and from then on, many different emotions develop. Due to his genius nature, Naoki is cold and doesn't understand the concept of love whereas even though she isn't smart, Kotoko loves him no matter how mean he is. Naoki's mother tries to get them together and Kotoko's classmate Kin-chan loves her the same way she loves Naoki. LOVE TRIANGLE!

I really love this show! I've seen all the adaptations of it and some I love whereas 1 I dislike and 1 I think is weird :D

I'll also state here that the author died before she completed the manga. 3 of the dramas came out before the conclusion of the anime (where the author's husband found her notes and released the planned ending) so they have no conclusion in respect for the author.

So to start with the anime art!

Kotoko and Naoki
Then the first Japanese LAD was also titled Itazura na Kiss. It came out in 1996 and was only 9 episodes went nowhere...I didn't really care for it.
Kotoko and Naoki
The next LAD was the Taiwanese series: It Started with a Kiss (30 eps) and it's sequal They Kiss Again (20 eps). I loved this series! It really did the story justice!
Zhi Shu (Naoki) and Xiang Qin (Kotoko)
Then the next LAD was the Korean series: Playful Kiss which ran for 16 episodes with a 7 episode sequel series. There was also a special 16 "episode" thing called Baek Seung-jo's Diary. This series was...for lack of a better word...weird. But it wasn't bad and I liked it well enough.
Oh Ha-ni (Kotoko) and Baek Seung-jo (Naoki)
Then the newest addition is the new Japanese adaptation that incorporates the actual ending. Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo just finished airing last month (?) It ran for a 16 episode S1 and 16 episode S2 along with a special episode titled: Mischievous Kiss: Love in Okinawa. This series really fights hard to beat ISWAK in my book. I really loved it too! It was AMAZING! I honestly can't pick a fave between them o_o
Naoki and Kotoko
So time for pros and cons!
  • So good it has 4 dramas
  • Love in Tokyo
  • Awesome story
  • Irie's mother
  • Christine!
  • All around AMAZING show!
  • well, it had to end didn't it? :(
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Anime Blog 66: It's a Family Affair


Now that that's out of the way. It's a Family Affair is a 2 episode Hentai OVA that I watched subbed (duh).

Now for the story: Keisuke has sex with his 10 stepsisters. That is all. Pretty simple storyline. Each sister has a different type of scenario (cars, at work in the daytime, at work at night, bondage, porn video, bathtime, lactating sister, android, on the roof at night, with and without toys, and even on a crowded train...)

Now as to why I watched this. I saw a picture of the art that wasn't a pervy pic...and clicked on a link. SOMEONE TRICKED ME AGAIN! But, ah well. Once I start watching something, I'm gonna finish it. Esp. if it's only 2 eps.

So, ART!
I decided to use this collage I have on my computer since it has everyone's names. But in case you can't read them top to bottom is: Momoko, Kaourko, Ringo, Kotona, Lemon, Rulisa, Keisuke, Anne, Mikan, Tokiko, and Biwa. And as a side note, this puts the sisters in order of age, not order of when he slept with them :)
So yeah,
Pros and cons!
  • Pretty art
  • Story easy to follow...?
  • Serious incest...
  • Weird situations...
Not sure where to put hentai...still can't decide if it's a pro or a con...
Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading! Until next time,

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Anime Blog 65: Ikoku Irokoi Romantan

Here's your usual Yaoi warning XD

Ikoku Irokoi Romantan (IIR) is a 2 episode yaoi OVA that I watched subbed (duh)

So the story goes, Yakuza son Ranmaru is getting married aboard this cruise ship. His wife's a b*tch...Ranmaru goes to the bar and meets Al, the Italian captain of the ship. And they hit it off right away,{ they start living together, he'd come home, they'd have dinner, he'd fix him his drink and then he found out, not only was he married...oh no. he had 6 wives, one of those Mormans ya'know? Then that night when he came home from work, he fixed him his drink, as usual...ya'know some guys just can't hold their arsenic...} I'm bullsh*ting you in the brackets...sorry. As soon as I typed "hit if off right away" I just couldn't help myself--I apparently had Chicago on the mind :D

So back to being serious. Ranmaru and Al do hit it off and some serious stuff goes down involving the yakuza...but hey, things always work themselves out in a yaoi anime right?

So, as for what really matters in my world...ART!
Ranmaru and Al
So, for pros and cons!

  • Yaoi, as always
  • Pretty art
  • Interesting plot...??
  • Actual Yaoi...not Shonen-ai pretending to be Yaoi :D
  • PASTA! (...took this opportunity to make an Italy reference)
  • Plot...??
Yeah...that's about it.
Remember Kids: YouTube is that friend of yours who constantly supplies you with Yaoi to watch...we love that friend :D (until of course someone ruins it for us all by deleting part 2/3...curses...)

Well thanks for reading and sorry for this being so scatterbrained! Until next time,


**from now on: on shows that are not yaoi (or are and have multiple couple options) I'm going to add a section titled: I ship... Just because I feel like it! I will also be adding this section to the older posts if you're curious**