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Anime Blog 3-Ai no Kusabi

Here I am at blog number 3!
I'm going to warn everyone that Ai no Kusabi is a Yaoi (and just in case you didn't read my last post, that means boyXboy...put simply)

Wiki Page:

Alright so there are actually 2 versions of Ai no Kusabi, the original 1994 version and the 2012 remake (that as of right now has been cancelled due to lack of funding).

So to start with the original:
At first I was a little confused but it was explained fairly quickly...The storyline was fabulous and yet so very very sad at the end. The art wasn't bad either and I found the idea that blondes were the highest in society while brunettes were on the bottom very interesting...along with the fact that if you reproduce the natural way (AKA: have sex) it is considered a trait of the lowest class of people...interesting...

The remake:
The remake only got to episode 4 (it was supposed to be 13 episodes) and was taking its time with the story and really making it make sense. They updated the art and my God was it beautiful! I was really enjoying the remake when it got cancelled :(

I like this comparison between the '94 art (Top) and the 2012 art (Bottom):

(From L to R: Iason and Riki)
So time again for Pros and Cons!

  • Yaoi (which as I said before is always a pro)
  • Facinating futuristic world setting
  • Beautiful remake art (although the original wasn't bad)
  • Original was able to make the story make sense with only 2 episodes
  • Was good enough to even attempt a 2012 remake
  • Remake was cancelled
  • Futuristic world rules can be confusing
  • Draws a fine line between what is consensual and what is not
I honestly cannot think of any more so once again the pros outweigh the cons!
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