Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Anime Blog 61: Hitohira

Alright, so Hitohira is a 12 episode Seinen that I watched subbed.

So the story follows Mugi who has SUPER-stage-fright as she joins the drama research club (who is fighting for real club status against the drama club...). Mugi's sempai (Nono) pushes Mugi to join the club because underneath the shy exterior, Mugi can PROJECT her voice (I write it like that because I'm serious :P)

It's a super cute show that has some serious moments that really touch on real life problems. Especially regarding friendship and health. And it talks about just how far someone can go to follow their dreams, even if they know it'll only hurt them in the end.

Overall, I really enjoyed it :D My only real issue is that by the end of the show, not too many things were resolved other than *SPOILER?* part of Mugi's stage fright...But oh well!


(L-R: Nono, Sakaki, Kayo, Mugi, Kanna (The blonde), Risaki messing with Kai's hair, and Katsuragi)
So time for pros and cons!
  • Cute art
  • Adorable story
  • About drama club vs drama club :D
  • Mugi's character
  • It was short but sweet
  • Not too much resolution...
So overall, a good show :D
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Anime Blog 60: His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano)

Alright, Kare Kano is a 26 episode shojo anime that I watched dubbed.

I adore this show, so much in fact, that I actually bought the box set. The story goes: Yukino is a perfect student. She has the best grades in the school, she does sports, she helps student council, she tutors her classmates, heck she even always has perfect hair and her clothes are never wrinkled. Introduce Arima into the school. He's exactly the same...just the male version. But it turns out, Yukino has to try and be perfect, at home she's a total slob...Arima is just naturally perfect...except he has a deep dark abusive past...(of course).

The two fall in love and decide to be true to themselves and not fake being perfect anymore. Which causes lots of fun drama along the way. The show also introduces 2 other couples: Tsubasa and Kazuma (who are now step-brother and sister due to their parents marriage) and Tsubaki and Tonami ( a childhood bully and the boy she both bullied and protected from other bullies who meet later in life, discovering an unexpected attraction).

Let me reiterate how much I love this show before saying that the only thing that really drives me insane is the fact that there are 2 episodes (1 of which being the finale) which are moving manga panels with voice over...There was a fight with the artist and so this episodes were not properly animated and the author refused a second season because she felt the director was focusing too much on the comedy and not enough on the romance...

But anyways. We all know the most important thing to me :D
Arima and Yukino
It's another example of older art that I actually like :D

So pros and cons!

  • Awesome characters
  • Great story
  • Nice art
  • Funny
  • Actually kinda deep relationships between the characters
  • I own it...enough said :P
  • The 2 voice over eps...
...I'm done now :D

But yeah, it's a great show. I really loved it :D

Thanks for reading! Until next time,


**PS. I'm also collecting the manga...If anyone happens to own said manga and wants to get rid of a few volumes, just comment on this post which vol. you have and how much you'd like for it...I'm just missing the last ones (like after vol. 10 or 11ish)--so I guess the last half :D

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Anime Blog 59: Hey Class President!

WARNING! This is Yaoi.,_Class_President!

Alright, So Hey Class President! is a 2 episode yaoi that I watched subbed (on YouTube)--thought I'd throw that tidbit in there just because :D

So basically there's this student council. VP Chiga tries to keep the class president (Kokusai) out of trouble and ends up falling for him. Chiga's art style is what drew me to this one. For some reason I absolutely adore the way he is drawn! Plus I saw a clip somewhere of Chiga saying goodnight to Kokusai over the phone and I was like "YUP! I'm watching THAT!"

This is one of very few shows that I have watched more than once. As a matter-of-fact I think I've seen it like 4 times o_o

If you're a yaoi fan (and for some weird reason you haven't seen this one yet) OMG watch it! It's pretty much everything you could want in a yaoi anime (within reason of course!)

(Kokusai and Chiga)

(Figured I'd give you a kiss scene this time!)

(Chiga close up...Maybe it's the glasses...)
I just really love how torn Chiga is in this show. At first he's all "OMG you can't even stop yourself from getting groped on the train" to all of a sudden "Why am I groping him!?" to "I love him" It's just so kawaii! Plus Kokusai's so naïve it's sad...And the art's just so pretty!

Time for pros and cons!

  • Chiga
  • Art
  • YAOI (of course)
  • Chiga's art
  • ...maybe the glasses
  • Cute story
  • It could be longer...maybe...
Well that's it for this go round!
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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Anime Blog 58: He is my Master

He is my Master is a 12 episode Shonen that I watched subbed.

So, premise of the story: 14 year old boy (Yoshitaka) is uber-rich since his parents died. He fires all of the maids at his mansion and puts out an ad for new ones. 2 runaway sisters (Izumi and Mitsuki) take the job. Yoshitaki is an obvious perv and is (strangely) a genius when it comes to sewing...however he makes lots of cosplay outfits that he makes the girls wear and all the skirts are just barely long enough to cover the important parts...

This show was hilarious! The younger sister (Mitsuki) has a pet alligator named Pochi...why you ask? WHY NOT!?

Then of course there's Anna...She's the 3rd maid that shows up at Yoshitaka's house...and she's in love with Izumi...yup and she's crazy :D (Izumi disapproves of course, otherwise where would all the drama be?)

So I really enjoyed this show. It was funny, it was ecchi, it was adorable. It ended well (from what I recall) and the art was cutsey. So what's not to like?

So, art!
(LtoR: Anna, Izumi, and Mitsuki)
So time for pros and cons!

  • Cute
  • Nice art
  • Cosplay outfits!
  • Just pervy enough without going too over the top
  • Pochi (I mean who wouldn't want an awesome pet alligator?)*
  • I can't think of any :)
All in all, I say watch it if you're into a little bit of ecchi :D

*I don't mean a real alligator of course, that would be a bit dangerous :D

Thanks for reading! Until next time,


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Anime Blog 57: Haru wo Daiteita

Alright, (here's your yaoi warning!) Haru wo Daiteita is a 2 episode OVA that I watched subbed (of course!)

The story follows 2 porn stars, Iwaki and Katou as they audition for a role and also maintain a relationship. It's funny because I don't really remember this anime very well, however I do remember Winter Cicada (a blog for another time) which is actually the show the 2 actors are auditioning for. So Winter Cicada is the drama that the 2 of these characters are playing's like anime-ception except of course...never mind, way too complicated...

As I've mentioned before, I keep an anime database (and if I haven't mentioned this before...oops) and in this database I also write down thoughts I have about the show. The thought for this show was: "This was cute :D My fave part was the end w/ the whole "Why are you so stupid!?" It was adorable!"

So apparently it ended well!

I do remember bits and pieces but the art sorta bothered me with this show. It wasn't bad but I think it was the chins...

(L-R: Katou and Iwaki)
So yeah. Time for pros and cons!

  • Yaoi, as always
  • Interesting idea to use the porn industry
  • Connection to Winter Cicada
  • Not bad art
  • Not very memorable.
That's really all I've got for cons so I'd definitely say: Watch It!

Thanks for reading! Until next time,