Thursday, October 3, 2013

Anime Blog 32-Durarara!!!!

Ok so Durarara!! is a 61 episode shonen (that I watched dubbed)

The story follows(???) Mikado Ryugamine, his friend Masaomi and LOTS of other people in Ikebukuro. In Ikebukuro there is a gang war going on, a "black rider" with no head, and two guys just fighting all the time because they hate each other, one of whom has superhuman strength. Now of course there's a real story behind all of that but hey, I'm not gonna be the one who spoils it for you! I will tell you the main gang is "The Dollars", the black rider is named Celty, and the two guys are Shizuo Heiwajima (Crispin Freeman!) and Izaya Orihara (Johnny Yong Bosch!).

The story can definitely get confusing but it's really good I promise! And I LOVE the fact that all the background characters who don't matter don't have faces are aren't colored makes things strangely interesting.
Ok so I'm mostly in it for Shizuo...and I'm a strong supporter of the Shizaya DJ coupling (DJ = Doujinshi, AKA: Fan-fic version of manga)

Also just to fangirl about VA (voice actors) other than the ones mentioned above, Shinra is played by Yuri Lowenthal (Sasuke in Naruto), Kadota is Steve Blum (Vincent Valentine in FF7), Saburo is Spike Spencer (Ginta from MAR among tons more that he's better known for!), & Izaya is Johnny Young Bosch (Ichigo in Bleach among others).

**UPDATE: So after watching season 2: The story gets a bit more confusing but so many things get tied up in the end. So much that was unexpected :) I thoroughly enjoyed this show :) More characters are introduced including a russian assassin girl named Verona and a woman named Kisane Kugiragi. I can tell you Celty gets her head back...but I can't tell you what happens after that :)
They totally left a hint for a sequel though :)

(L to R): Izaya, Shinra, Shizuo, Masaomi, Mikado, Anri, (Celty on the bike in BG)

Also, Durarara!! has one of my favorite anime openings:

Season 2 was aired in 3 parts and I really like the opening to season 2 part 3!

So time for pros and cons!

  • Really good story
  • Shizuo
  • Nice art
  • Shizaya coupling...
  • Really surprising twists in the storyline
  • Can get confusing...a lot...

So there you go! GO WATCH IT...NOW! lol, jkjk

Thanks for reading, Until next time,


**Shipping addition: mentioned it earlier but...I totally ship ShizuoXIzaya**