Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Anime Blog 6-Angel's Feather

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Ok so WARNING! This anime is considered (by manga demographic) as Yaoi (and just in case you didn't read my previous posts, put simply this means boyXboy).

Well Angel's Feather has really pretty art and had a good preface with the idea that there's an ancient race of people who had wings and they still exist today and the main guy finds out he has a long lost twin brother and they are both members of this race. However the twin's lover is a member of the evil ancient race...confusion.

(Top: L to R: Christopher, Shion, Kai, Anri. Bottom L to R: Shou, Kyouhei, Yuuto, Sena)
Oh did I mention the bishie thing again? So yeah...I'm not totally sure why the anime was considered should have been shonen-ai at the very most. (to explain the difference...yaoi is more explicit; so sex and sexual situations, shonen-ai is more just kissing and the like).

So because I can't really say any more about it, pros and cons!

  • Yaoi (a pro as always)
  • Totally bishonen cast
  • Interesting storyline
  • Only 2 OVAs couldn't possibly explain the complex storyline...and they didn't
  • Random creepy situations that I cannot possibly explain even to myself...they were that weird
So for once the pros and cons are equal...hmmm...well if you're a shonen-ai fan I suggest you watch it...if not there isn't much more to it...actually theres not even much shonen-ai in it either...if you want to watch something short with hot guys (who are all pretty much in love with one of the other hot guys in the show) then have at and enjoy! Especially if you don't want to understand what you just watched.

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