Monday, February 25, 2013

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WARNING! This is considered Yuri (AKA: girlXgirl)

I must say I don't really understand the title but whatever! So I decided that because the only demographic I hadn't watched yet was Yuri, to watch one...I picked one that was short (8 eps) and had really pretty art...of course it would also be the twinsest one...
Now of course in the anime itself you get the emotional relationship between the twins and not the physical but I promise I don't make all this random stuff up.
But the show was cute anyway and there was a little love triangle with a kohai (younger student) and overall I enjoyed it but don't have much to say about it.

(L to R: Yukino, Sakuya, and Kanade)
So time for pros and cons!

  • Emotional not physical love (I'm all for it but I draw the line at kissing typically)
  • Beautiful art!
  • Cute story
  • If you want hard-Yuri...not for you
  • No real plot...story but no plot
But yeah so I really enjoyed it and lots of people on my forum seem to click on it so I guess there's something right?

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