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Anime Blog 17-Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan

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So, a friend of mine mentioned this show to me by saying " I saw this pervy show I think you'll like. There was this angel with a giant spikey club who kills the main guy for being a perv and then brings him back to life...over and over again." So I watched it....GREAT IDEA!

It was seriously adorable in a total gore-fest kinda way! And NEVER take the halos off...the angels get explosive's hilarious! I also liked the art it was super-cute!

I love how the premise of the show is that 20 years in the future, the main guy creates something that makes girls stop aging at 12 and gives them immortality...God becomes angry and sends angels to the past to kill him. WONDERFUL!

The only annoying thing is that in season 2 they change her hair color from purple to's weird...
Time again for pros and cons!

  • Super-cute art
  • Kick-a** main female
  • Hilarous premise
  • Ecchi (AKA: Perverted...Always a plus in my book)
  • Adorable!
  • Full of Gore in a good way...ish
  • The changing of the hair color in season 2...big con for me
  • Sometimes the gore can be a bit much
AND because I love the opening...

It's just soooooo cute! (and wrong...wrong on soooo many levels)
But those are the only cons. I suggest anyone who likes comedy and/or ecchi...WATCH THIS!

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