Sunday, June 21, 2015

Anime Blog 69: Kachou no Koi

Here's that YAOI warning!

Alright. So I watched this 3 years ago so I'm a little rusty on it. But I do recall that it was a Flash Animation and it was only 1 episode.

The story follows Odakara (the boss) who is over 30 and has never had a girlfriend. The company hires a new guy named Harada and it's due to this guy that Odakara realizes he's gay. The two start a relationship and I recall the episode being cute but I've mentioned that I make notes on my list about shows right? My comment was: " So bad it was good" yeah...

So the art is ok...
Harada (back) and Odakara (front)
So yeah.

Pros and Cons:

  • Yaoi (as always)
  • Cute story
  • The doggone squirrel!
  • Funny
  • Flash Animation...
  • Not very memorable...
So all together. It's cute and funny so if you like Yaoi, it's short and not hard to watch. You'll at least get a good laugh :D

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Anime Blog 68: Junjou Romantica


Alright, so Junjou Romantica is a 3 season, 36 episode anime, with 1 OVA that I watched subbed.

The story follows 3 different (but connected) couples:

Junjou Romantica: Usagi is a famous author and Misaki is the younger brother of the love of Usagi's life. Although...things don't really turn out that way and somehow Misaki ends up living with Usagi...(who's real last name is Usami...) And don't get me started on Usagi's family...XD

Junjou Egoist: Nawaki is trying to become a doctor and happens to meet Hiro (Misaki's lit. professor and Usagi's old friend). They hit it off...or do they? They seem to fight a lot...

and Junjou Terrorist: Miyabi (Hiro's coworker) is divorced. His ex-wife's younger brother, Shinobu, is in love with him...there's a 17 year age gap...Miyabi says no. But Shinobu says yes!

I tried not to give anything away for those who haven't seen it (OMG WHY HAVEN'T YOU!?) But yeah :D

**UPDATE! I finished watching Season 3 and well, Funimation is the reason we got season 3...and with that...there are no sex scenes in season 3 like there were in 1 & 2. The screen just blacks out and the story moves on. This is regrettable but at the same time, I'm glad season 3 happened. The storyline was pretty cute :D

Also I forgot to mention...Miyagi is played by Kazuhiko Inoue...who plays Kakashi-sensei!!! (can't believe I forgot to mention that...I LOVE that man's voice)

So time for art again (not a fan of her seme's chins...)
L:R: Nowaki, Hiro, Misaki, Usagi, Miyabi, and Shinobu

But pros and cons!

  • Yaoi
  • Usagi
  • Usagi's house
  • All the adorable animals!
  • Nowaki
  • Cabbage (if you've seen it, you'll get it)
  • The fact that all the characters are connected
  • Constantly switches from couple to couple...can be a bit disorienting at first
  • The whole Usagi or Usami thing
YUP! Also, if you like this one, watch Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. It's a spin-off series (with more connecting characters!)--I'll eventually make a blog about that one too...

Thanks for reading! Until next time,