Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anime Blog 19-Chobits

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I LOVE Chobits! It's one of the few anime I actually own. I bought it at a used movie store for $15! The complete collection! Total steal! Anyways...I love this so much. Chii is just so cute and Hideki is just hilarious! I originally didn't like the art too much but after a few episodes I grew to like it. I love that Hideki is a just a country bumpkin who comes to the city and wants a persacom but can't afford one...voila! finds one in the trash...and drops her memory chip...Oh...and I love that Dave Wittenburg plays the peep-show guy and Crispin Freeman plays Hideki! Oh and one more Chii is a persacom...a computer...guess where her "on" switch is? xD

(Back row: L to R: Dita, Yuzuki, Kotoko, and Sumomo. Front Row: L: Freya, R: Elda (Chii) )
So time for pros and cons once more!

  • Cool story
  • Adorable characters!
  • Beautiful clothes
  • ECCHI! (always a pro for me!)
  • Story can be really confusing at times...but it all makes sense in the end
So thanks for reading!
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