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Anime Blog 5-Alice in the Country of Hearts

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So Alice in the Country of Hearts is only an anime movie but I still count it :D
I read the manga right before I watched the movie and I must say I loved it...however even for someone who read the manga...the movie is ridiculously confusing. For almost the entire film the only thing I really knew was who the characters were. But the art was gorgeous and parts of the movie made sense...


(From bottom left around to bottom right: Boris, Mary, Ace, Julius, Nightmare, Vivaldi, Alice (Behind Alice is Peter), Blood, Elliot, Tweedledum, and Tweedledee.)

That right there is the reason I still loved it! BISHIES!!!!!!!
So obviously its a parody of Alice in Wonderland but in this version it's more of a war between an amusment park (including the cheshire cat), the mafia (the mad hatter, the march hare, and tweedle dee/tweedle dum), and the castle of hearts (the queen of hearts, the white rabbit, and the jack of hearts). There's a clocktower between the 3 areas and Alice has dreams where she is visited by "nightmare" now also in this world is the land of clover and the movie has pieces of it with the door mouse and the joker card...really confusing b/c it's from the sequal series Alice in the Country of Clover (which I haven't read yet!). But anyways all the people with a real purpose (those who are from the Lewis Carrol story basically) have faces while everyone else does not. No one has a heart, they all have clocks for hearts and the man in the clocktower, Julian, repairs the clocks to basically create new people. The confusion goes on :D

So Pros and Cons


  •  Full cast of Bishonen guys (and 3 beautiful girls)
  • Based on a wonderful manga
  • Gorgeous art
  • Based on Alice in Wonderland!
  • REALLY confusing!
  • Only a movie not a show that could have explained more
Actually the really confusing is the only big con in my book. If you've read the manga I suggest you watch it if only because they have voices!

Thanks for reading!
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**Shipping addition: I ship AliceXEVERYONE just FYI, I love all the couples in this show!**

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