Sunday, December 8, 2013

Anime Blog 33: Eden of the East
Eden of the East is an 11 episode Shonen? with 2 movies that I watched Subbed.

Ok so to be honest the first time I saw Eden of the East was the first meeting of the Nashi anime club that I attended. The first episode is HILARIOUS! Dude wakes up naked with a cellphone and a gun...and talks to people in English! The show was really confusing but I loved it!

The idea of a game in which you have 12 contestants who are given 10 billion yen to save Japan in some way, shape, or form fascinates me. You use the cellphone to contact a concierge who can grant almost your every wish--for a price...if you run out of money or if you use it get killed :D .

OH! And the censor bars over the "johnnies" are funny little moving white's so cute!

The main character, Akira, wakes up naked (as I mentioned before) with no clue who he is or about the game he's playing. He and our female lead Saki gradually figure it out and try to save Japan. The two movies are sequels to the series and I felt they were actually pretty good.

To show you how sick of a person I am (just kidding!) My favorite competitor, well other than Akira,  was number 11: Shiratori (the serial killer chick). She was hot. I will include a pic.

(L: Akira, R: Saki)
So anyways. I really like the opening video for Eden of the East...but I don't care too much for the song...oh well. You should watch the video though, it uses beautiful imagery.

 Lets move on to pros and cons

  • Really interesting storyline
  • Great comedy
  • Shiratori
  • Short and sweet with a good ending
  • Good sequel movies
  • Confusing...
But that's it. So I feel like y'all should watch it! Thanks for reading!

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