Friday, February 8, 2013

Anime Blogs 1-intro + 07 Ghost

Hello Everyone on the internet! My name is Kei and this is my very first blogger blog (Tee Hee!)
So I've decided to blog about animes that I've seen...all of them. Now not all at once of course, and obviously the list is going to continue getting longer and longer but Hey! It'll gimme something to talk about.
So here we go and thanks for reading!

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07 Ghost

The first anime I'm going to blog about is 07 Ghost.

So to actually start my blog:

Well what more can I say right? I mean the following picture (found by a google image search, all rights to the creator, not me) completely sums up this anime:

(Top: Left to Right: Labrador, Castor, Frau. Bottom: L to R: Teito (Mikage on his knee), and Hakuren)

I mean come on! But I must say that I really liked the idea of the 7 ghosts but I really wish the anime had been longer and had at least led to some kind of closure....oh...and I wish that it had turned into a shonen-ai/yaoi between Frau and Teito...but that's beside the point :D
I really loved the show though and the art was beautiful (I've got a thing with anime art...I don't like to watch things with art that I don't consider pretty...I know that's shallow and petty but if I'm gonna watch it, I gotta like what I'm looking at!)
I really love the storyline, how it's based on a fictional myth of a perfect creation murdering the chief of heaven's daughter and then whose soul was broken into 7 pieces creating the 7 ghosts who guard the earth from his's much more complicated than that but it's so facinating!

I'm really not sure where this blog is going (or is going to go from now on) but I suppose it's going to be me rambling on and on about different shows and what I liked about them and what I didn't...that seems to make sense to me at least. So:

  • All bishonen cast (well except for the few females)
  • Great mythical backstory
  • Frau
  • Hint of Shonen-ai
  • Did I mention ALL bishonen cast? (see bullet 1)
  • Beautiful art
  • Such a complicated storyline that 25 episodes couldn't possibly explain it all
  • Only 25 episodes, so theres just kinda an abrupt end
  • Not actually shonen-ai at all
So the pros outweigh the cons!
I really enjoyed this anime (as I've said like a million times in this blog already) and I hope those of you who read this, watch it and enjoy it too!

Thanks for reading!
Until next time,


**shipping addition: I ship: FrauXTeito & CastorXLabrador**

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