Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Anime Blog 26-Bad Teacher's Equation

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Warning! Considered Yaoi!

Alright so today's anime is Bad Teacher's Equation which is a 2 episode Yaoi OVA.

The story follows Atsuchi as he transfers to a degenerate high school to be with his first love, Ma-chan, who teaches as a health teacher there. Lo and behold when Atsuchi arrives and meets the health teacher...he's not at all like he used to be! Also he meets an old friend, Kouji,  who had promised to marry him one day...he's pretty funny! So let me spoil it slightly...Ma-chan (Masami)  no longer works at the school...his brother Masayomi does.

Now the art is older but I still liked it for the most part...sometimes the shining eye thing was weird but whatever.


(L to R: Masayomi, Atsuchi, Kouji)
But overall I really enjoyed this one. At first I was confused because Ma-chan didn't know who Atsuchi was but I figured it out right before the show pointed it out! It was really cute and I suggest Shonen-ai fans to watch it...I wouldn't say Yaoi simply because it wasn't a matter of fact I don't think there was kissing really...hmm...
OH and did I mention Kazuhiko Inoue (the seiyu for Kakashi Hatake in Naruto) plays Masayomi!? I LOVE his voice!

  • Yaoi (?) of course!
  • Kazuhiko Inoue!!!
  • Cute story
  • Decent art
  • Only 2 episodes
  • If Kazuhiko Inoue is in it there can be NO MORE cons!
Well that's it for this one! Thanks for reading and until next time!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Anime Blog 25-Deadman Wonderland

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Hello again internet world! I have returned once more to blog about more anime. Today's anime is Deadman Wonderland, a 12 episode Shonen with an OVA (which is just one characters background).

So I watched Deadman Wonderland (henceforth referred to as DW) on Cartoon Network. I found that I really enjoyed DW if only for the awesomely violent backdrop that the story takes place on. The show was a bit confusing at first, but it's that "I'm confused but so is the main character, let's figure this out together" kind of confused. Also on a side note I love that Colleen Clinkenbeard plays Warden Makina...HUGE BOOBS! All I gotta say about that. But anyways I do like the art and Senji was my favorite character for some reason!

(L to R: Tamaki, You, Makina, Ganta, Shiro)
So it's time again for Pros and Cons

  • Colleen Clikenbeard
  • Awesome Storyline
  • Senji
            • I mean look at that face! Who can't love that!?
  • Too short, the end was abrupt and confusing
But honestly that's the only con! Hope y'all enjoy it!

Thanks for reading, Till next time