Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Anime Blog 12-Be-boy Kidnapp'n Idol

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Ok so I'm not going to have much to say about this one. WARNING! This is considered shonen-ai (put simply boyXboy).

Alright so it was only one episode about an idol and his best friend (more implied) getting kidnapped and the best friend saving the day. Obviously...super confusing because WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!? Who knows...and WHY! was the one dude SOOOOOOOOOOO white!? He was like paper white...anywayz so the art was ok, def. not the worst I've ever seen :)


(L: Akihiko, R: Kazuya)
So time for pros and cons:


  • Decent art
  • Shonen-ai (always a pro)
  • Subject was interesting enough

  • Confusing as all get out, 1 episode's just not enough to explain it all
That's really the only con but it is a major one.

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