Friday, February 15, 2013

Anime Blog 8-Antique Bakery

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WARNING! Shonen-ai (which put simply is boyXboy for those who haven't read any of my other posts)

I loved Antique Bakery. The idea of using a cake shop to discover the man who kidnapped you as a child is ingenious! Plus I loved the patissier who was so gay that everywhere he worked he ended up either quitting or getting fired because the boss fell in love with him :)

I actually watched this at my grandmother's kitchen table and she was always like "are you watching that cake show again?" I always went to bed hungry and kept telling her about all the cakes! The ending (I promise not to spoil it) was bittersweet but I still loved it. I also watched both the Japanese Drama and the Korean movie, I enjoyed both in their own ways. The Japanese drama for the storyline and the Korean movie for the shonen-ai!


(L to R: Ono, Tachibana, Chikage, and Kanda)
The art isn't bad so I like it :D

  • Shonen-ai (always a pro)
  • Decent art
  • Awesome storyline
  • Bittersweet ending...
That's like the only con...YAY!

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