Sunday, November 20, 2016

Anime Blog 113: Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru (henceforth: Otoboku) is a 12 episode shonen anime with an OVA and an OVA sequel series.

The show follows Mizuho who's grandfather has died and in the will states that Mizuho will attend the same school his mother did.'s an all-girls school. So. Mizuho dresses as a girl and everyone thinks he's a girl. Since this is based on a Visual Novel game...there are a number of girls that Mizuho can be romantically involved with.

The show was really cute and I got lots of laughs :D I do feel that they could've done more with the whole "I'm a guy pretending to be a girl" thing but...hey I don't make anime for a living!

The OVA sequel series is called The Two Elders and it's 3 episodes long.

This story follows another boy, Chihaya, who gets transferred to this all-girls school and dresses as a girl. He and another girl, Kaoruko, get voted into the running to be the Elder of the school. Which is basically the elder sister. The girl everyone looks up to, goes to for advice, and aspires to be.

Now I don't own the OVAs but I do own the main series. So. I think it's a show worth watching!


L-R:Mariya , Mizuho, & Shion

pros and cons:

  • Cute and fluffy
  • Funny
  • Nice art
  • Interesting story
  • Could've done better with the whole "I'm a boy dressed as a girl" thing.
There you have it!

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