Sunday, November 20, 2016

Anime Blog 116: Amnesia

Amnesia is a 12 episode shojo anime.

The story follows an unnamed heroine who wakes up and can't remember anything before August 1. A fairy named Orion appears before her and explains that he ran into her and now he is fused with her consciousness. People appear around her and she pretends like nothing is wrong. She figures out that she, Shin, and Toma are childhood friends. That her co-worker Ikki has a strange ability to grant girl's wishes and thus he has a crazy fan club. And she starts having flashbacks such as going to a festival with her other co-worker Kento, that no one else remembers. She ends up falling off a cliff by accident and when she wakes up, people remember the accident but it happened differently...and now she has apparently been dating Shin for quite some time...and Orion is gone.
There's also this green haired guy (who you later learn is named Ukyou) who it isn't clear if he's a good guy or a bad guy.
Accidents keep happening to the heroine and each time she wakes up and the world has changed a bit. Usually (since this is based on a visual novel game) she's dating a different character.

I just finished watching this today which is why I can say so much about it...but seriously. This show was not about anything that I thought it was going to be about. I was super-confused most of the time and had to read the wiki-page at one point because I thought I missed something. I'm not sure if I'd watch it again but it wasn't bad and actually was a very interesting idea for a show.

Also...suprisingly...I actually ship Heroine X Ukyou...


Top L-R: Shin, Heroine, Toma
Bottom L-R: Ukyou, Kento, Ikki

pros and cons:

  • Good characters
  • Interesting idea for a story
  • Pretty art
  • in this case. Short.
  • Confusing
  • Ambiguous ending
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