Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Anime Blog 117: Nyan Koi!!

Nyan Koi! is a 12 episode shonen anime.

The story follows Junpei Kousaka who accidentally breaks a cat shine statue. The statue curses him and unless he fulfills the requests of 100 cats he will become one. The thing is...Junpei is allergic to cats. So if he turns into one...he'll die. The show follows him as he tries to fulfill the cats wishes while also having the typical slice-of-life genre issues of which girl to pick: The cute girl who loves cats but only owns dogs (Mizuno), the childhood friend with huge boobs (Sumiyoshi), the flat-chested senpai who's from a yakuza family (Nagi-senpai), or the twins (Kotone & Akari).

The show was really cute and recommended to me by a friend since I LOVE cats :D
I love the slice-of-life genre and I love cats so this show worked in my favor :D
It was really cute and since it was only 12 episodes it was an easy watch.!

L-R: Mizuno, Akari, Kotone, Junpei, Sumiyoshi, & Nagi-senpai

Pros and Cons:

  • Slice-of-Life
  • CATS!
  • Talking cats
  • Cute story idea
  • Sort of ambiguous ending...I wanna know who he ends up with dammit!
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