Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Anime Blog 61: Hitohira

Alright, so Hitohira is a 12 episode Seinen that I watched subbed.

So the story follows Mugi who has SUPER-stage-fright as she joins the drama research club (who is fighting for real club status against the drama club...). Mugi's sempai (Nono) pushes Mugi to join the club because underneath the shy exterior, Mugi can PROJECT her voice (I write it like that because I'm serious :P)

It's a super cute show that has some serious moments that really touch on real life problems. Especially regarding friendship and health. And it talks about just how far someone can go to follow their dreams, even if they know it'll only hurt them in the end.

Overall, I really enjoyed it :D My only real issue is that by the end of the show, not too many things were resolved other than *SPOILER?* part of Mugi's stage fright...But oh well!


(L-R: Nono, Sakaki, Kayo, Mugi, Kanna (The blonde), Risaki messing with Kai's hair, and Katsuragi)
So time for pros and cons!
  • Cute art
  • Adorable story
  • About drama club vs drama club :D
  • Mugi's character
  • It was short but sweet
  • Not too much resolution...
So overall, a good show :D
Thanks for reading! Until Next Time!

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