Sunday, March 1, 2015

Anime Blog 57: Haru wo Daiteita

Alright, (here's your yaoi warning!) Haru wo Daiteita is a 2 episode OVA that I watched subbed (of course!)

The story follows 2 porn stars, Iwaki and Katou as they audition for a role and also maintain a relationship. It's funny because I don't really remember this anime very well, however I do remember Winter Cicada (a blog for another time) which is actually the show the 2 actors are auditioning for. So Winter Cicada is the drama that the 2 of these characters are playing's like anime-ception except of course...never mind, way too complicated...

As I've mentioned before, I keep an anime database (and if I haven't mentioned this before...oops) and in this database I also write down thoughts I have about the show. The thought for this show was: "This was cute :D My fave part was the end w/ the whole "Why are you so stupid!?" It was adorable!"

So apparently it ended well!

I do remember bits and pieces but the art sorta bothered me with this show. It wasn't bad but I think it was the chins...

(L-R: Katou and Iwaki)
So yeah. Time for pros and cons!

  • Yaoi, as always
  • Interesting idea to use the porn industry
  • Connection to Winter Cicada
  • Not bad art
  • Not very memorable.
That's really all I've got for cons so I'd definitely say: Watch It!

Thanks for reading! Until next time,


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