Sunday, March 8, 2015

Anime Blog 58: He is my Master

He is my Master is a 12 episode Shonen that I watched subbed.

So, premise of the story: 14 year old boy (Yoshitaka) is uber-rich since his parents died. He fires all of the maids at his mansion and puts out an ad for new ones. 2 runaway sisters (Izumi and Mitsuki) take the job. Yoshitaki is an obvious perv and is (strangely) a genius when it comes to sewing...however he makes lots of cosplay outfits that he makes the girls wear and all the skirts are just barely long enough to cover the important parts...

This show was hilarious! The younger sister (Mitsuki) has a pet alligator named Pochi...why you ask? WHY NOT!?

Then of course there's Anna...She's the 3rd maid that shows up at Yoshitaka's house...and she's in love with Izumi...yup and she's crazy :D (Izumi disapproves of course, otherwise where would all the drama be?)

So I really enjoyed this show. It was funny, it was ecchi, it was adorable. It ended well (from what I recall) and the art was cutsey. So what's not to like?

So, art!
(LtoR: Anna, Izumi, and Mitsuki)
So time for pros and cons!

  • Cute
  • Nice art
  • Cosplay outfits!
  • Just pervy enough without going too over the top
  • Pochi (I mean who wouldn't want an awesome pet alligator?)*
  • I can't think of any :)
All in all, I say watch it if you're into a little bit of ecchi :D

*I don't mean a real alligator of course, that would be a bit dangerous :D

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