Sunday, January 25, 2015

Anime Blog 56: Hand Maid May

Hand Maid May (HMM) is a ten episode series with 1 OVA that I watched subbed.

So, no lie. I watched this because of the clip from AMV Hell 3 that paired this show with the song Faded by Soul Decision. [if you're curious it's anime #43 and it's from 13:05-13:15 in between Read or Die and Super Sentai) XD

So basically this college kid (Kazuya) wants to create a robot. His classmate gives him a computer program that's apparently awesome. It's a virus. While trying to remove it from his computer, Kazuya accidentally orders a "cyberdoll" Hello May! Of course Kazuya can't pay for her so the company sends more "cyberdolls" to either retrieve May or Kazuya's money. They all fall in love with him of course...and it just goes from there :D

The OVA was an episode where Kazuya receives a box of 5 Mini-Mays...that all with different parts of her personality :D

1 college guy + 3 (4?) hot robots + jealous neighbor/girlfriend = shonen anime in a nutshell :D

I really liked this show, it was really cute and my persona (Kei) is actually the name of one of the Cyberdolls. ('s sorta where I got's more complicated I suppose but w/e)

So, as is what's really important...ART!
(LtoR: May (with Kazuya's Doraemon on her head), Kei, Kasumi, and Rena)
It's just so pretty :D
So, pros and cons:
  • Really cute shonen
  • Kei
  • Pretty art
  • Interesting story
  • ...AMV Hell 3 clip...
  • Little confusing at times
That's about it from what I recall :D
Well, that's it for this go round!
Thanks for reading, until next time,

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