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Anime Blog 40: Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, Last Order, & On the Way to a Smile

I'm going to combine all 3 Final Fantasy 7 "anime" here instead of doing them separately because they are all connected of course :D

Advent Children:
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Alright, Advent Children is a CG film based 2 years after the events of the game Final Fantasy 7.
This time the action takes place in Edge, a city built, can you guess?, on the edge of the ruins of Midgar. There is a rampant disease called Geostigma that no one knows the cure for and there are 3 Sephiroth-clones causing trouble in the city trying to obtain Jenova's head.  (I'm not going to spoil the movie by telling you any more) XD Also...I watched it Dubbed.

I really liked this movie. Cloud was just as angsty as ever and the graphics were great! Plus, I HATED Reno in the game but OMG I LOVE him in this movie! It's a really good follow-up to the game and, in case you're wondering, is followed by FF7: Dirge of Cerberus.

The only thing that really confused me about this movie: Denzel. So now you're wondering who Denzel is right? Well, Cloud and Tifa sort of live together above her new 7th Heaven bar. (Mostly Cloud is using it now for his base of operations, he has a delivery Marlene (Remember Barret's daughter?) lives with them and so does orphan Denzel. The movie NEVER explains who he is, or where he came from...more on this later.!
(Top (L:R): Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie, and Aeris. Bottom (L:R): Vincent, Cid, Cait Sith (on Red XIII's Head), Barret)

Pros and cons!

  • Good sequel film
  • Great graphics
  • Vinny!
  • Helps cure Cloud's angst??
  • Reno!
  • Awesome fight scenes
  • Haven't we played the "Sephiroth is the bad-guy" card too much?
But that's the only con I can think of.

Last Order:
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Last order is a single episode prequel OVA that I watched subbed.
Put quite's an OVA of the death of Zack and what happened in Nibelheim. It's pretty sad really. It has nice animation and it's basically what happens at the end of Crisis Core and right before the start of FF7.

(Top (L:R): Sephiroth and Tifa. Bottom (L:R): Cloud and Zack)

Alright, pros and cons:

  • Good animation of backstory
  • Good art
  • FF7
  • Sad...
That's kinda all I've got...

On the Way to a Smile:
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Wiki Page (Specifically)

Ok so On the Way to a Smile is actually a collection of short stories. Only 1 of which was turned into an OVA: The Case of Denzel (HA! Told you we'd come back to this)

Alright, so this is simple. The story explains who Denzel is from the end of FF7 to Advent Children (basically). It also involves Reeve (remember Reeve? the guy inside the mog that Cait Sith rode on?). But only very briefly. (unfortunately there's not much to say because saying anything spoils the story...and since it was only 1 episode (subbed!)....)


Since the story is told through Denzel's point of view, it's hard to find a picture of him with the people I want :D
(so there are Tons of people in this picture...I can only name some of them...At the very top are Cloud, Marlene, and Tifa. The guy with the bushy reddish hair is Gaskin. The old lady by him is related to Reeve (ha! no spoilers...riiiight). and the two people at the bottom are Denzel's dad and mom. All the other people are people Denzel met in the slums and worked with to find scraps)
If that wasn't enough
Alright Pros and Cons:
  • Explains who Denzel is
  • Nice art
  • Throws Reeve in there (I like Reeve)
  • cons...
So there we go! We've made it through the Final Fantasy 7 anime bits!
Thanks for reading! Until Next Time,

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