Thursday, March 20, 2014

Anime Blog 39: Fault!!


Fault!! is a 3 episode Hentai that I watched Subbed (of course...) and it's censored (with that weird "oh, we just covered everything in these weird variations of pale flesh color blocks in the same shape of what we're covering" thing...I don't know what else to call it...same way Boku no Pico was censored)

So, let me start by explaining that I have a slight obsession with Prince of Tennis (just wait till I get to that'll be ridiculous) and because I spent an entire summer watching it I gained a small obsession with tennis shows. I don't recall how exactly this happened but I was looking for another tennis anime and a show called Fault!! pops up...remember that whole "sucker for pretty art thing" from my Another Lady Innocent blog??? well it happened I watched this.

So if I remember right, the first sex scene is the main guy and his little sister...disturbed to start with.
Then in the second episode he was doing it with his doubles partner and it's revealed he's slept with the senpai...then has sex with his sister and his partner...had to be one right?
Then lastly he has sex with the teacher and then has more threesome sex in cosplay getting caught by the senpai (who isn't disturbed by this I might add). There you go...whole show. Oh and did I mention all of these girls were virgins before he slept with them? Apparently that was a thing with this show.

Now I can't remember if I've mentioned this before but I keep a detailed anime list (in Microsoft I suppose it's actually a database) that includes lots of metadata about the anime I watch along with my thoughts on them. (OMG my InfoSci minor is showing!) My thoughts on this show were (are?) "SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT THIS GUY! The blue-haired one was more attractive."--exact words.

So I suppose that I should reveal the art...

(L: Saeki (the doubles partner) R: Mio (the little sister), Rika (the teacher, and Reiko (the Sempai) )
(I was having trouble with the original pictures on here so the one above has the game graphics. I kept the picture of Reiko below for comparison to the anime)
(Reiko (the Senpai) )
(Kei (the Blue-haired guy and Mio's doubles partner) )
and finally
(Shuuichi the man-whore)
 Alright so on to pros and cons:
  • Tennis
  • Pretty art
  • Incest
  • Plot revolved around sex
  • Did I mention the incest?
  • The whole virgin-thing...that was just weird
Ok I think I'm done. I don't know where to put Hentai because some days it can be a pro while others it can be a I'm just going to let bygones be bygones. If you really like it. If you were in it for the pretty art and the tennis (like me) don't bother...they only play tennis for about 60 seconds. (unless "playing tennis" means "having sex on the tennis court" in which case...)
Thanks for reading!
Until next time,

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