Monday, April 28, 2014

Anime Blog 43: Fooly Cooly

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Fooly Cooly is a 6 episode OVA series that I watched dubbed. I can't even begin to explain to you how excited I am about this blog post even though I may not have too much to say!

So to start I'm going to give a brief plot summary. Middle school boy Naota gets run over by space cop Haruko Haruhara and then weird robots keep popping out of his forehead. Things get VERY confusing after that and the word "fooly cooly" is used a lot. There's a detective that has stickers for eyebrows and his blonde subordinate who owns a GIANT gun. And more confusion follows culminating in the idea of a giant hand grabbing a giant iron and flattening the world.

Confused? Good.

This show really makes no sense. BUT that's what makes it AWESOME!

This was the first anime series I ever watched KNOWING it was anime. What happened was I was in Pennsylvania for a 4th of July party and was staying with a friend. We had stayed up really late and she fell asleep watching Rosanne re-runs. I grabbed the remote and turned it to Cartoon Network where I saw a moment of a show where some old guy in red falls off a cliff (unbeknownst to be, that was InuYasha...). I turned it back and finished the episode of Rosanne before going back to Cartoon Network to watch the debut of Fooly Cooly episode 1. I was fascinated. I didn't understand ANYTHING that happened in the episode but I absolutely LOVED it! I think I was like 12...(actually, just wiki-ed it and did the math, I had just turned 11).  I didn't watch the other 5 episodes until I was in high school but this show will always play an important role in my life because it really got me into anime (I watched Rave Master next!).

So now that that life story is over...ART!
(Alright from L to R going F to B: Mamimi with Takkun, Haruko, Naota, Eri, Masashi, Kamon, Canti, and Lt. Kitsurubami)

I think that's right...not sure about the car people but I think that's it.

Also One of my favorite endings:

So pros and cons:

  • This show is awesome
  • Robots
  • Confusion
  • Hot chick
  • Craziness
  • Great music!
  • I find no cons in this show...HA!
So my suggestion? WATCH THIS SHOW!
Your life will never be the same :D

Thanks for reading, Until Next time!


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