Sunday, June 19, 2016

Anime Blog 104: Betrayal Knows my Name

Betrayal Knows my Name (or UraBoku) is a 24 episode Shojo anime.

So the story follows Yuki, an orphan, as he discovers that he's actually from a clan of people with very special abilities and that he's been reincarnated to fight Reiga, who is a member of the family who betrayed everyone 1000 years ago. But that's not all. Turns out, in all of Yuki's previous incarnations, he's been a female...until now but Yuki doesn't have any memories of his past lives. This causes a few issues since everyone was used to him being a girl and Luka, his past lover, still vows to protect him.

The story is really good and has very interesting concepts of demons and magic. My personal favorite is this idea of powers being related to God (eg: God's eyes, God's light, God's voice, etc.) and how Yuki's power to heal involves him taking the other person's pain and making it his own. That part really intrigued me.

But for those of you who plan to watch this because you've heard it's a shonen-ai (like I did originally) you're in for a letdown. **SPOILER!! There's not a single kiss scene in the entire show. I know, it made me sad too :(

Now, there are plenty of cute guys to ship together and some serious bromance going on but...that's about it.

Just for funzies: I totally ship YukiXLuka (obviously), HatsumaXShusei, TsukumoXToko, KurotoXSenshiro, & TakashiroXFuyutoki. Pretty much put all the Zweilt guardians together :D

So, art!

Yuki and Luka

Kuroto, Senshirou, Tsukumo, Toko, Shusei, and Hatsuma

Pros and Cons:

  • Interesting story concept
  • Pretty art
  • Lots of shipping!
  • YukiXLuka
  • Why no kiss scene!? I just wanted one!!!!!!
Yeah...that's my only complaint. Well! Thanks for reading and until next time,


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