Friday, June 17, 2016

Anime Blog 103: Best Student Council

Best Student Council is a 26 episode shonen anime.

Alright so Rino transfers to Miyagami Private Academy since it was recommended by her penpal Mr. Poppit. This school's student council basically runs the school. and by basically, I mean it does. The Student council president, Kanade, is the one who actually founded the school. Just saying. The student council has an assault squad for all problems (which really just includes anything that makes any trouble to anyone at the school like boys spying on the girls at swim practice or that really rich guy who keeps proposing to Kanade) and a covert squad who spies on EVERYONE! and I really mean that. They have ninjas...real ninjas.

The big secret here regards Kanade's family and some special power that she supposedly has (not gonna spoil it!) but there are so many funny moments in this show and some very interesting twists and turns by the end :D It's a show that I actually really enjoyed :D

I really liked the variety of characters. They all had their little quirks and were really neat. They had all the adorable sterotypes...except a big-chested girl now that I think about it...huh..actually I suppose the glasses girl (Sayuri) was mentioned to have a large chest at one point...but it's not like Rangiku from Bleach...just saying.

The show can be a bit confusing since the big secret isn't revealed until the end and the show wants to keep the watchers in the dark about it the whole things can be very vague...but that's ok. It just makes the big reveal a little more surprising in the end :D

So, art!

B-F (L-R): Cyndi, Sayrui, Rein, Ayumu, Seina, Mayura, Izumi, Kuon, Rino (and Pucchan), Kanade, and Nanaho

Pros and Cons:

  • Interesting concept
  • Lots of cool characters
  • Nice art
  • It's a little confusing and scattered sometimes...but oh well :D
I really think it's a show worth watching at least once :D

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