Friday, June 10, 2016

Anime Blog 102: Doukyuusei page

Doukyuusei (classmates) is a shonen-ai anime movie.

The story follows classmates Sajou and Kusakabe as they practice together for their school's choir festival. They spend a lot of time together and become close. It develops into something more and we, the audience, get to see their relationship develop further in the movie.

I thought it was a super-cute story. I'm happy that I watched it. My only problem was the art style. It wasn't necessarily bad but it certainly wasn't my favorite :D


Blonde: Kusakabe. Brunette with glasses: Sajou

so pros and cons:

  • Cute story
  • short, sweet, and to the point

  • Art style bugs me...
But that's all. It was a really cute movie and I totally recommend it!

Thanks for reading! Until next time,


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