Monday, November 9, 2015

Anime Blog 89: Ichigo Mashimaro

Ichigo Mashimaro is a 12 episode Seinen with 5 OVAs.

The show follows Nobue, a 20 year old still living at home, her sister Chika and Chika's friends Miu, Matsuri, and Ana (Ana is an English girl who has lived in Japan so long she can no longer speak English).

The show is very slice-of-life, it just follows the 5 girls throughout normal daily life doing everyday things (going to school, not doing summer homework, building a snowman around Christmas...etc.)
It's so friggin KAWAII! The show honestly doesn't have much substance but it's just cute, light, and fluffy. Episode 12 almost made me cry because Matsuri still believes in Santa and although the rest of the girls don't, they try to make sure Matsuri keeps believing. XD

The OVAs were a sequel to the show itself and they're really cute. The only problem is that I could only find links on YouTube and all of them are Spanish Subbed. I can get the gist of it...but I totally wish they were English Subbed... :(

All-in-all, super cute show. And it's short so it's good to watch, especially after watching lots of serious stuff :D


Miu, Matsuri, Ana, Chika, and Nobue

So, pros and cons:

  • Cute, fluffy
  • SOL
  • Cute art
  • Adorable characters
  • Short and easy to watch
  • I can't think of any cons for this show :D
  • Except maybe Miu...I would so NOT be her friend :D
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