Sunday, November 8, 2015

Anime Blog 88: Loveless

Loveless is a 12 episode Shonen-ai that has 6 little mini-OVAs titled "Good Morning Loveless-kun!"

The show follows Ritsuka, a 12 year old boy in this very strange world of cat ears and tails. In this world, people have cat ears and tails until they lose their virginity (they are then considered adults). There's also this confusing fighting with words aspect of the show that I didn't really understand too well while I was watching it. But it's important because the fighting is done in a team using a sacrifice (in this case Ritsuka) and a fighter (in this case a 20 year old named Soubi).

Ritsuka meets Soubi and Soubi claims to have known Ritsuka's brother (who died before the show starts), they form this fighting team and stumble their way through, because although Soubi is experienced at this, Ritsuka is brand new. These people have "true names" that are used in this fighting, Ritsuka's is Loveless (TITLE DROP!) and Soubi's is believed to be Beloved because it is carved into his neck (if you read the wiki page you'll discover that this is however, incorrect and it will tell you the real answer, not that it mattered in the anime).

The OVAs are little shorts about 2 minutes long. From what I recall they were kind of recaps and just little funny moments. They're sort of in a chibi-esque style. I can't remember where I watched them but I did find them on YouTube (Spanish subbed) and they're all there.

I watched this because a friend of mine suggested it...I didn't care for the ending (I suppose it left space for a sequel...) and that always ruins my impression of an anime. Overall I just thought this was weird.


Ritsuka and Soubi

So, pros and cons.

  • Decent art
  • Unique
  • Hard for me to understand the plot
  • Bad ending
  • Does this show count as Shota??? (12 year old and a 20 year old...)
Yeah. So. It's not on my "I highly recommend this" list...

Thanks for reading! Until next time,


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