Sunday, November 1, 2015

Anime Blog 87: Love Stage!!!!

So, here's the yaoi warning!

Love Stage!! is a 10 episode yaoi with 1 (ADORABLE) OVA.

The story goes that Izumi is the son of 2 famous showbiz parents...but he wants to be a mangaka (despite failing at art)...when he was a child his parents starred in a wedding commercial, but the girl who was supposed to be the flower girl didn't make it so the cast dressed Izumi as a girl for the commercial. He played alongside a little boy by the name of Ryoma. Ryoma is now a super-model! and has always been in love with the little girl from the commercial...the network decides to do an anniversary commercial using the same actors as before just all grown up...this relationship begins.

Also involved is Izumi's older brother, Shogo, who is a rock star. And the family's butler/assistant? Rei. Apparently there's a secret relationship there....oooooh.

I REALLY love this show! The art is friggin awesome, the story is cute, and all-in-all...I just want more of it. I like this show so much that the manga is on my Amazon Wishlist...I want to own it.

Also for those who watch the show, don't forget to watch the OVA, it's so cute and just really makes me happy!

As for the important bits...ART!

Shogo, Ryoma, Izumi, & Rei

Now time for pros and cons:

  • Great art
  • Cute story
  • Izumi in a wedding dress
  • Ryoma
  • RyomaXIzumi
  • This whole show
There are no other cons to this show. So for all fans out there...WATCH IT!

Thanks for reading, Until next time,


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