Sunday, August 23, 2015

Anime Blog 79: Kodomo no Jikan

Ok. So Kodomo no Jikan is a 15 episode Seinen anime with 4 OVAs that I watched subbed. It's also a loli...just as a warning :D

So. Aoki is a fresh-out-of-college elementary school teacher put in charge of a 3rd grade class. Rin, a 3rd grader, is in love with him and constantly tries anything and everything to get his attentions. This includes lifting up her skirts, making inappropriate comments, awkwardly falling from trees and landing on his face...etc.

Also, Rin's best friend is in love with her so there are some shojo-ai aspects as well.

So I know this is weird but by the end of the series I was actually rooting for this couple =_=

There is a censored version (which I watched) and an uncensored version of the anime. Yeah, have fun with that :D

So, as per usual, art!
Aoki and Rin

It's just so wrong that it's almost right...

SO, pros and cons!

  • Do you see that art!? friggin adorable!
  • Rin is just so cute!
  • I actually love Aoki's character
  • Does loli go here???
  • Telling you, by the end I was convinced!
  • BTW show is friggin hilarious!
  • Does loli go here?
  • What about fanservice? Does that go here or up there???
Yeah. So all-in-all not a bad thing :D

Thanks for reading! Until next time!


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