Sunday, July 12, 2015

Anime Blog 71: Kamichama Karin

Alright, Kamichama Karin is a 26 episode Shojo that I watched subbed.

So this story was kinda confusing from what I remember of it. Karin is in the 7th grade and she finds out that her mom's ring allows her to turn into the goddess Athena. There's also a boy named Kazune that has the ring of Apollo.

...what's really sad is that I recall lots of fight scenes (so this was probably similar to a Magical Girl) but I can't recall the plot whatsoever. All I really remember is that it was super cute and hard to understand at the time that I watched it. Everything else I remember about it would be spoilers o_o and we know how I feel about those!

So now for the real reason I watched this show....the ADORABLE ART!
Karin and Kazune
So, pros and cons.

  • ADORABLE art
  • Interesting story concept
  • Not very memorable...plot-wise
So yeah. That's that! Thanks for reading! Until next time,


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