Monday, November 10, 2014

Anime Blog 52: Good Witch of the West: Astrea Testament

Alright. Good Witch of the West (GWW) is a 13 episode Shonen series that I watched subbed.

The story revolves around Firiel Dee and her best friend Roux Liskin. Firiel's mother had passed away and on her 15th birthday she received her mother's necklace as a gift. In this kingdom a ball is thrown for the Queen's birthday and all 15-year-olds are invited. Firiel wears her mother's necklace. The necklace is recognized at the party as belonging to the royal family, making Firiel a princess and inserting her into the line for the throne. She is sent to a school where all who are in line for the throne attend where everyone is trying to come out on top.

I really like this show. It was one of the first series that I ever watched. I really like Roux and his bug-eyed glasses :D It was an adorable and romantic story with plenty of "OMG MEAN GIRLS" happening. And cutthroat people trying to attack the candidates for the throne. Plus the art was really cute!

 Adel (Firiel's friend)


Anyway, time for pros and cons.

  • Cute art
  • Adorable story
  • Roux's glasses XD
  • Short with a good ending
  • There was 1 really nasty character that I didn't like...but that's just how anime goes :D
  • That's really it though.
So Watch it!

Thanks for reading! Until Next Time!


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