Saturday, November 22, 2014

Anime Blog 53: Bleach

Alright, because the English dub of Bleach finally ended, I'm going to do my blog on Bleach this go round. The anime is 366 episodes over 16 seasons. There are 4 movies and 2 OVAs along with 8 different types of Omakes (the shorts at the end of the episodes).

So we all know the story of Bleach. Guy named Ichigo meets a "soul reaper" named Rukia, gets powers from her, fights hollows, and becomes the strongest character in the existence of characters ever...simply because he beats everyone else. (exaggeration? maybe)
[If you don't actually know the premise of this story, just read the wiki page because I don't feel like talking about it since the show isn't very cohesive story-line-wise)

I just want to start out by saying that I really enjoyed the first season of Bleach. Then when weird arcs started appearing (the bounts, that weird one with the new captain of squad 3, the fullbring.......) I got annoyed with the show. I can't believe it took 15 seasons to kill butterflaizen! (if you don't know who that is...Google it...seriously). By the time I reached season 16...I was done. The only reason I watched the crappy fullbring arc was because I knew it was the last season and I'm a slight completionist. The final arc sucked. But at least the ending was good.

Overall I liked the show for it's amazing cast of characters. I loved the zanpakuto arc (to an extent...the story on that one sucked) and I take pride in knowing such a large cast of characters by name (AND their zanpakutos!)

As for the art (since you all know how I feel about art), it definitely got better as the show went on.
So art comparison!
(Ichigo: Season 1 (L) & Season 16 (R) )
I decided just to use one picture of Ichigo...there are just too many characters in this show and I can't find one that I like of all of my favorites :)

Bleach also has some openings and an ending that I really like the music to!

Season 1 Opening:
Season 1 Ending:
Opening 5:
These are my faves!

Now it's time again for pros and cons:

  • Great cast of characters
  • Typically good music for openings/endings
  • Much improved art!
  • Yoruichi & Urahara! (faves!)
  • Zanpakutos
  • Good first couple of seasons
  • Good ending
  • Omakes galore!
  • Got way too long
  • Filler arcs had no connection and made no sense (esp. the Karakurizer crap...)
  • Butterflaizen...enough said
  • It just plain got ridiculous
  • No cohesive storyline connecting all the arcs/seasons
That last con is a big one for me. There is another long show that I'll blog about later on (not mentioning it's name...*cough* *cough* it involves ninjas *cough* *cough* where at least it forms a cohesive storyline if you connect it all (esp. if you consider the filler as flashbacks). But whatever, that's for another blog.

It is a good show. I just personally don't care about a lot of the arcs...they were just a bit over-the-top...Glad it's over. Honestly the omakes were better than most of the show & that's just sad.

Well thanks for reading! Until next time!


**Shipping addition: I ship IchigoXRukia, RenjiXRukia, ToshiroXMomo, UraharaXYoruichi, and sometimes IchigoXRenji (or vice-versa)...**

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