Sunday, October 19, 2014

Anime Blog 51: DRAMAtical Murder

So, it's been forever since I posted a blog...oops. I've been really busy with my new job, but I've been watching lots of stuff to talk to y'all about! This is one of the Summer shows, it's shonen-ai (warning).

DRAMAtical Murder is a 12 episode series that is based on a BL video game with one OVA.

The story follows Aoba through a very confusing storyline where there are obviously many "couple paths" that he can take. The anime version tries to devote an episode to each character's story arc from the game...or at least I'm assuming that's what they were doing since there were a number of episodes focused solely on Aoba and one of the other characters. My 2 faves were Noiz and Clear (just BTW). Overall I really enjoyed the show and decided that I mostly understood what was happening :D

Also, for the most part the art was really good. I just prefer Aoba without the jacket and headphones...I think they look kinda dumb...(just personally ya'know?)

**Just watched the OVA (1-18-15). Apparently it was a compilation of the bad endings of the game. Basically it's a lot of rape. I did not enjoy it at all. It went through all the pairings (minus Sei  & Mizuki but it did include Tripp & Virus)...It was weird and full of blood and S&M-esque scenes. The series was much better.***

(L-R: Noiz (w/ bunnies), Mizaki (in red), Tripp & Virus (I can never remember which is which), Kojaku, Clear, Mink (beneath clear), Ren (human form, he is also the little black dog), Aoba, and Sei)
Pros and Cons:

  • Shonen-ai (as always)
  • Eye-candy
  • Noiz
  • Clear's singing
  • Love the Art!
  • Intriguing story
  • Good length
  • Sometimes a bit confusing...
  • Mink...I really disliked him....
So, BL fans, I advise DRAMAtical Murder. There's only 1 kiss but it's a really cool show IMO.

Thanks for Reading! Until next time,

**Shipping addition: I ship NoizXAoba, ClearXAoba, and RenXAoba...and I sometimes think about KojakuXAoba...but only sometimes**

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