Sunday, July 6, 2014

Anime Blog 48: Gakuen Heaven

Gakuen Heaven is a 13 episode Shonen-ai series (that I watched subbed) based on a PC game.

Ok, so story in short: This kid named Keita gets in to this super elite all boys school. There he meets a large group of guys...almost all of whom are after him! Now the manga version of this (and the game I think) have multiple endings (in the game it all depends on what you do). The anime version chose ONE ending. So in the anime version there are really multiple pairings alluded to even though it seems everyone holds an interest in Keita.

I really enjoyed this anime. I remember when I first found the wiki page for it. I was in high school and I was Google-ing anime series based on video games. And what luck! Not only what I wanted but Shonen-ai! I liked the ending of the show and I loved noticing all the other couples that were alluded to in the series! I also ADORE the little chibi hamster omakes!

The art reminds me of Descendants of Darkness :D
(Top to Bottom: Left to Right: Koji, Nakajima, Naruse, Iwai, Kazuki, Keita, Niwa, Taki, Saionji, Omi, and Umino)
And those aren't all the characters!

So time for pros and cons!

  • Shonen-ai (as always)
  • Pretty art
  • Based on a video game
  • Good ending
  • Umino's cat...
  • Lots of couples
  • Not much in the way of storyline really...I mean there is one
But that's the only con I can think of and it didn't bother me at all!

Thanks for reading! Until Next time!


**Shipping addition: Now for this one, I'm gonna tell you who I ship but I won't say which ones (if either) become actual couples in the show: I ship KazukiXKeita and NiwaXNakajima**

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