Monday, August 26, 2013

Anime Blog 29: Death Note

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So today's anime is Death Note, a 37 episode Shonen with 3 Live Action movies and an 11 episode Live Action Japanese Drama.

**UPDATE: The end of the Live Action Drama teased a trailer for a 2016 Live Action Movie. This post will be updated after that film is released.

So I watched Death Note when it came on Adult Swim and I fell in love with it! I liked that he became a criminal killer until he went crazy (because they were catching on to him) and had to start killing EVERYONE! I loved the fact that Light was his own antagonist. Oh and I love the fact that L's real name is *SPOILER!* L. Dumbest name ever...

I also thought the live action movies were done really well and casted superbly. However L Change the World was a little weird for me because it changed how things really happened....

On another note this is the anime that I got my mother hooked on. She loves Death Note! She honestly wants one. I was going to buy her one for Christmas but she told me that if it didn't actually work she would kill needless to say, I didn't buy one. I also thoroughly enjoy the opening especially the parody of  Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel ceiling. That was a really nice touch. And Ryuk was just an awesome character...I mean he warned Light at the beginning and actually made good on his promise at the end.

**UPDATE 2015: The Live Action drama was...interesting. It changed Light from a genius into an average guy. The story followed the same basic route and even though I didn't like the actors as much as the Live Action Movie actors, they weren't too bad. My main complaint: That Near and Mello were one character. Apparently Near has a split personality and that's who Mello is...that was weird for me. Not a fan. But I did actually like Misa in this version. Not 100% sure why but I actually liked her a lot in this version :D

So for fans of the show, you may or may not like it. Depending on a number of things. I personally liked it well enough, the anime was better, but it was ok :D


(Bottom L to Bottom Right: Near, L, Light (middle), Misa, and Mello)

(L to R: L, Ryuk (in back), Light, Rem (Back), Misa)
Ryuk, Light, L, and Near


But yeah...and Opening!
Ok time for pros and cons:

  • Unique storyline
  • Protagonist is own Antagonist
  • Well done casting (for the live actions)
  • Really good story
  • Watching Light go crazy can be a bit much sometimes...
Yeah but that's about it. I can't find any other cons with it really!

Thanks for reading!
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**Shipping addition: I sometimes ship LightXL...**

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