Sunday, August 18, 2013

Anime Blog 28: Bus Gamer

Well...after forever I have returned. For those of you who actually follow this you will have noticed that I no longer post anything about my anime forum; unfortunately it's dead and burned and from now on I'm going to go back and post the wiki page (or equivalent) to give extra info for those of you who care about what really happened in the anime! :D

Wiki Page:

Moving on: Bus Gamer was 3 episodes of OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW! The premise was that a whole bunch of companies in some city (probably Tokyo) are going to play a game involving 3-man teams fighting over a disk that contains all of an individual company's secrets. Basically protect your team's disk at all costs and try to steal the other team's disk. People actually send in applications for this game because depending on the number of rounds you win...the more money you get.

3 random people turn in an application and all 3 of them leave one question on the application blank...thus they become a team and have to work together...they're all completely different.  Toki is a really good fighter, Nobuto is also a good fighter (but in a different style) and is really good at information gathering, and Kazuo is mostly a fight that is. He's good at solving puzzles and setting traps.

I'm not 100% sure why I love this show so much but I REALLY WANT MORE OF THIS! It had plenty of action and comedy...but no romance...and strangely I liked it that way!

So as always ART!:
(L to R: Kazuo, Toki, and Nobuto)
It's time once more for pros and cons!
  • Nice art
  • Awesome story
  • Too short (so there's no ending...)
Since there's only 1 con...PROS WIN!
Thanks for reading!
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