Monday, June 17, 2013

Anime Blog 27--Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic

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Well internet's been quite some time. I apologize for not keeping up with my work schedule has been pretty hectic. So today's "anime" is the Animated Epic of Dante's Inferno.

I watched this not too long ago and I must say that even though it only kinda follows the original I really enjoyed it! This movie was based off of a video game and 6 different animation teams worked on it. So there are 6 different art styles throughout the whole thing; some are similar and some are so totally different you wonder if you're watching the same thing!

The story follows Dante as he makes his way through hell with his guide Virgil to save his lover Beatrice from Lucifer. Most of the art was awesome while some of it was a bit weird for me :) Oh and did I mention Steve Blum plays Lucifer? Oh yeah. That totally happened :D and Mark Hamil (AKA Luke Skywalker) plays Dante's father.

ART! (which is a bit difficult...b/c there are 6 different ones and they aren't in order...)
(L: Virgil, R: Dante)
(L: Virgil, R: Dante)
(L: Dante, R: Virgil)

(L: Virgil, R: Dante)
So yeah...there's all the art styles...I really like the one that I put second to was my favorite.

  • Most of the art was awesome!
  • Steve Blum & Mark Hamil
  • Based on an awesome story!
  • Some of the art...
  • Story is really different could be hard to follow
  • Because it was done by so many different people some of the early events happen differently at the end...not a fan of that. Also with the art change it can be hard to figure out who people are...
So the pros and cons are somewhat even...I say if you like the game, watch it. If you really want something that follows the book, don't.  :D

Thanks for reading! Until next time,


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